Experience the Naturopathic Doctor Difference

Naturopathic doctors practice a form of medicine called naturopathic medicine. This unique form of medicine is separate from standard western medicine. There are several things that distinguish a naturopathic doctor from a traditional medical doctor. These are described in detail below under naturopathic medicine principals. However the there are two that stand out to us: 
  • Docere
  • Vis Madicatrix Naturae

Docere is latin for "doctor as teacher" and we find this principal to be critical for the best care because the "why" in what you are doing is as important as the what. naturopathic doctor office Vis Medicatrix Naturae is Latin for "the healing power of nature." It is the energy within the body that allows it to heal itself. Many of the treatments that naturaopthic doctors use help this energy work. Sometimes that involve finding and removing things that disrupt it and other times treatments that stimulate it. Using both of these principals you can see that a good naturopathic doctor will teach you how your treatments are helping the body realign with its natural state. 


The 6 Naturopathic Medicine Principals

In trying to stay true to the roots of their practice naturaopthic doctors established naturopathic medicine principals. These principals inform and guide your doctor's decisions and care you receive. 


What is Naturopathic Medicine?

This article will help you better understand


What is a Typical Naturopathic Doctor Visit Like?

for the most part you can xpect each visit with your naturopathic doctor to be longer than your conventional medicine doctor visits. Most will be be about 30-90 minutes long.  You can aslo

  • Expect the doctor to be on time (give or take 5 minutes).
  • Expect them to listen to your concerns.
  • Expect them to know and understand how your medications work but be more interested in finding safe effective natural options. 

Here are some additional resources on what to expect on your first visit and what kinds of treatments to expect from a naturopathic doctor. 


Some Common Reasons to Seek a Naturopathic Doctor

Top reasons to seek a naturopathic doctor 

Benefits of using a naturoapthic doctor


Find Out What it Takes to Become a Naturopathic Doctor?

This article explains the educational and clinical training it takes to become a naturopathic doctor. two similar article compare naturopathic doctors to 

Medical Doctors and Nutritionist.


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