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    Pamela, Scottsdale Az
  • "Dr. Cline and Dr. Terranella have been amazing! For the first time we found doctors that actually listen. They care about how your feeling and try everything they can to get you back to a normal state. I am in love with these guys! If you want amazing care, see these guys."
    Jennifer F. ,Phoenix Az

Phoenix Weight Loss Dr Gives Tips

The desire to lose weight is not new and and is a common experience for most at some point in their life. Our weight loss doctor came up with some phoenix weight loss tips to help Phoenicians reach their weight loss goals. By reaching your weight loss goal it will help you reduce your chance of a weight related health condition.

phoenix weight loss Over one billion adults across our globe are overweight and approximately $33 billion is spent trying to achieve weight loss goals. Many of the products and services that people utilize don't work and can actually be harmful to their health. When choosing to lose weight it is important to use healthy and effective treatments. From a medical perspective, the main point of weight loss is to get healthier and decrease the risk of developing weight related health conditions like; sleep apnea, heart disease, back pain, diabetes and others. The phoenix weight loss programs at Southwest Integrative Medicine can provide healthier options for weight loss. We compiled some of the most important and sometimes overlooked weight loss tips.

Phoenix Weight Loss | The Role of Diet

Lets face it, diet plays a big role in weight loss. The calories you consume need to be accounted for, but you also need to have balanced blood sugar throughout the day. Blood sugar imbalances account for:

  • Emotional eating

  • Sugar and other unhealthy eating

  • Over eating

  • Consequential sugar crash and fatigue

You have probably heard that small frequent meals throughout the day are important.  One main reason for doing this is to keep your blood sugar from fluctuating.  The rate at which the foods enter into your blood stream is an important factor in keeping blood sugar stable. The more stable the easier it is to eat well and loose weight. Proteins and fibers are two healthy macronutrients that can help slow digestive entry into the blood stream and stabilize blood sugar. 

Fiber has the added benefit of expanding the stomach and intestinal walls releasing hormones that tell your brain you are satiated and full. Small amounts of fats with each meal can help trigger satiety too. However fats have more calories than carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins so eat these sparingly. 

Phoenix weight loss | Fixing Internal Imbalances

First off you have to address internal issues that may be causing obesity and weight gain. Identifying imbalances in the body's thyroid system and other endocrine systems can make a big difference in the body's metabolism. metabolism plays a critical role in the ability to lose and keep off the pounds. Check out this post on hashimoto treatment and natural medicine for thyroid for more info. 
Vitamin deficiencies are another form of imbalance that can lessen your ability to loose weight and stay on a diet plan. It can lead to a lack of motivation and focus needed to eat right, improve metabolism, and get in the gym consistently. Although probably less important than hormone imbalances, replacing depleted vitamins is a key aspect for weight loss. "When it comes to hormone and vitamin imbalances make sure your doctor does a through job checking your hormones. Often times we find an additional one or two blood test can go a long way in identifying thyroid and other hormone imbalances", says Dr Christy Cline a Phoenix weight loss Dr at Southwest Integrative Medicine. 

So what happens when your hormones are in perfect balance, then what?


Phoenix Weight Loss | Staying on track

In the beginning if weight loss is slow it is important to have someone to remind you that you are on the track and steer you in the right direction. Being followed weekly by a doctor rather than a personal trainer or nurse will ensure that the whole body is working properly and adjustments can be made when necessary. This is important to remember because many want rapid weight loss that comes with unhealthy eating and appetite suppressants. While we know rapid weight loss and natural appetite suppressants have their place, keeping your weight loss slow and steady is the best and healthiest option. 

We hope these Phoenix weight loss tips will help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you have any questions about these phoenix weight loss tips or other weight loss questions, give us call or click the contact us link.


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