Hot Flashes Treatment

One of the most unbearable symptoms of menopause,  hot flashes can come on at any time and effect all aspects of a woman's well being. Fortunately there are many options for hot flashes treatment.

women in need of hot flash treatmentIn conventional medicine hot flashes are thought to come about for two reasons, declining estrogen levels or fluctuating estrogen levels. Because estrogen has actions on the vessels, changes in the amount in her blood will change a woman's sense of hot and cold. 

The conventional treatment option for hot flashes is to replace estrogen with a synthetic or horse form of estrogen. Bioidentical hormone doctors use estrogens that are identical to the ones a woman's body makes. As research has supported, this makes the hormone replacement therapy more effective and safer. 

In Chinese medicine hot flashes are considered to result from a yin deficiency. So what is yin? It is difficult to talk about yin without yang because the two exists in opposites. Yin is female, cooling, night, fluid, etc, while yang is male, heat, drying, daytime, etc. When a woman goes through menopause or when heat symptoms appear for any reason, the diagnosis is typically yin deficiency. This is because there is not enough yin energy to oppose the yang energy and heat symptoms emerge. As such, treating yin deficiency with acupuncture and Chinese herbs can also be an effective means to decrease hot flashes. Using Chinese medicine and acupuncture for hot flashes treatment can be an effective and safe alternative for women how wish to not use any for of hormone therapy for their hot flashes. 

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