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You can Treat Diabetes Naturally

Wondering if you can treat diabetes naturally?

Guess what.... you can. No-one wants to be dependent on medications, but sometimes they are unavoidable if you want to avoid the risks associated with diabetes. You do have options though. This article will give you ideas on diabetes solutions..... how you can treat diabetes naturally while avoiding risks. 

A little background

treat diabetes naturallyDiabetes Mellitus Type 2 is a metabolic condition that comes on later in life (although recently younger and younger people are getting it).  The main reason this condition comes about is due to a gradual decrease in the sensitivity of the insulin receptors on your cells to the insulin hormone. When this happens your blood glucose (blood sugar) floats around in your body damaging the surfaces it interacts with causing very poor cardiovascular and health health.

Because your cells are not getting any glucose, you feel tired and can't think straight or exercise. While you are held captive of the phenomenon the elevated glucose in your blood stream damages your arteries, heart, kidneys and the like.  In order to treat diabetes naturally we have to remember, that ineffective natural diabetes solutions will be no more helpful than conventional treatments. 


Diabetes solutions.... Treat Diabetes Naturally

Using the disease mechanism outlined above we know that we have to make the insulin receptors more sensitive to the glucose floating in your blood. There are a few effective and natural solutions for this:

  • Exercise- By increasing your muscle mass over time your insulin receptor will become more sensitive. 
  • Cinnamon- Use Cinnamon cassia in the water soluble extract form. This seems to have the most favorable outcomes in the research for sensitizing insulin receptors.
  • Weight loss- By reducing abdominal fat you decrease adiponectin.
  • Hormone imbalance- Low thyroid levels will lower insulin sensitivity and also decrease metabolism. Get a thorough thyroid check-up.

When considering natural diabetes solutions don't forget about stabilizing your blood sugar. What you are eating on a daily basis is going to have the biggest impact on your daily sugar levels. It may come as no surprise to decrease your sugar intake but what about fruits, pasta, and dairy? There is a lot of conflicting ideas on the internet but your best bet it to follow what the research shows. Small frequent meals, lots of fiber (ie. veggies and some fruits), low saturated fats, and low simple carbohydrates. One approach that maintains the above is to follow the glycemic index of foods.  

The glycemic index measures the rate at which foods empty into your blood stream from the digestive tract. You can imagine that the easier foods are to breakdown, the quicker they will empty into your blood stream. Something like white bread has a high glycemic index and empties into your blood stream quickly. On the other hand salad has a low glycemic index and empties into your blood stream slowly. 

With this slow emptying time the insulin is released slowly too and the body is more able to manage the minor increases in blood sugar verses a dramatic increase with, say bread or candy.

We hope this information on how to treat diabetes naturally was helpful. If you would like more information on this or other naturopathic physician treatments, click on the link below or contact us at our Phoenix diabetes clinic. 


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