Low male libido treatments: get your mojo back

Low male libido can be cause by a number of factors from low testosterone to psychological factors like depression, anxiety, high stress, or simple performance fright. Other factors effecting libido can be prescription medications, drug and alcohol abuse and use. Those suffering Low male libidowith this should rest assured as there are many treatments. The most common reason for low libido is actually not low libido but performance fear.

Performance fear occurs when the male is unable to maintain erection for long enough to reach sexual climax. This embarrassment and fear of re-occurrence can lead to diminished desire. This becomes more of an issue as men age because the amount of free testosterone available is lower. The testosterone works mechanically within the blood vessels of the penis to cause increased blood flow. The result is an erection. The more free testosterone available, the more blood flow and stronger erection.

Lack of sexual desire or low libido is most commonly caused by low testosterone and is quickly improved once testosterone levels are optimized.


Holistic treatments for low male libido

Herbal and nutritional treatments- There are several effective herbal and nutrient treatments for improving libido, erection strength, and sexual satisfaction.

Medication reduction - some medication can cause low libido by lowering testosterone and lowering actual desire. In some cases naturopathic doctors can help you get off or reduce the mediations so your sexual desire can return to normal.

Testosterone replacement - This is th most common holistic treatment for low male libido. As noted above, male hormones decline as they age. In conjunction with this decline estrogens are rising. The rising estrogens cause an increase in proteins that bind up the testosterone, leaving less available for use. 

Pharmaceutical Treatments for Low Male Libido. 

The most common type of medicine used for low libido is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. The medications also cause an increase in blood flow to the penis and help men maintain erections longer. Some examples of this include:

  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Levitra