Physician Guided Weight Loss – a plan for long-term success

Obesity is one of the most widespread and harmful problems shared by Americans and across Arizona. Despite the prevalence of public education campaigns, the number of obese adults, adolescents, and children is still quite alarming. What can we do? The standard approach of diet and exercise is very jennifer-burk-118076-unsplashimportant to healthy weight management. But, without physician oversight, we can easily become frustrated by weight loss plateaus caused by factors outside our control. 

At Southwest Integrative Medicine, the naturopathic doctors use a holistic approach for every aspect of health and wellness. Weight control is a concern shared by many patients. By doing a thorough investigation of every patient’s life, the doctors come to understand the whole person and all of the factors that could impact a person’s health and ability to reach a healthy weight. Let’s look at some examples.


The hormones in your body effect many aspects of your health and wellbeing – especially weight control. Although thyroid is the most likely suspect, an imbalance of progesterone, cortisol, estradiol, or testosterone can also make weight loss nearly impossible. Nothing but a thorough holistic investigation followed by appropriate treatment will help you achieve your weight loss goals when the forces of hormone imbalance are at play.


Achieving optimal nutrition is more complex than adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. Each person has a unique metabolism. Your taste in cuisine may have resulted in deficiencies in some key nutrients. Inflammation, which can affect your ability or willingness to exercise, can be caused by food sensitivities or mild allergies. The naturopathic doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine offer several treatment options that can improve your nutritional health. For example, vitamin shots, IV nutrient therapy, nutritional supplements, and dietary guidelines.


When you feel pain, you are not likely to increase your activity level in order to achieve weight loss, no matter what your doctor tells you. There are many possible causes for pain and many ways to achieve long-term pain relief. Using a holistic approach, the doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine can help you learn what is causing your pain and, in most cases, they can help you alleviate it without opiates or invasive procedures. Some of the most common treatments for pain include acupuncture, physical therapy, targeted injections, non-opiate pain relievers, and changes in diet.


If you are overwhelmed by life, unhealthy eating habits may be your way of coping with the stress. Fortunately, there is a better way to make yourself feel better. The ancient healing practice of acupuncture releases endorphins that elevate mood and relieve anxiety and stress. Gaining a balance in your internal energy channels, known as Qi, will also facilitate better digestion and suppress cravings. Southwest Integrative Medicine can also help you gain new awareness and coping skills that promote wellness.

Weight Loss Success

Now you know that there are many factors other than diet and exercise that can have a significant effect on your ability to take control of your weight. With the help of a naturopathic physician at Southwest Integrative Medicine, you will receive the guidance you need to reach your weight loss goals, maintain a healthy weight, and achieve optimal wellness.

Here is one example of the difference Southwest Integrative Medicine has made for weight loss patients:

"My weight was getting so out of control. I started the weight loss diet program that Dr. Cline recommended and lost 32 pounds! I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine, fit back in my clothes, and I have tons more energy. My desire for foods has changes drastically. I can hardly handle sugars and it has been very easy to maintain this weight loss. This program is the answer, Call Dr. Cline for an appointment to see if their weight loss program is right for you."       -- Pamela