Robin Terranella, NMD


 As a naturopathic doctor, my training and experiences taught me that both alternative and conventional medicine have value. I want to help you improve your health and use the least invasive options available to get you there. That is what lead me to integrative medical care. 

In my medical training at Bastyr University, I had a natural gravitation toward western medicine's evidence based methods. Yet, my internships in conventional medical clinics allowed me to recognize the importance of personalized medicine. During my training I also learned how natural based medicine can be delivered with the same precision. Precise accurate diagnosis and treatment are great but the doctor patient relationship sets the atmosphere to treat the whole person. Through exploring individualized medicine and relationships with patients, you realize there is more to medicine then physiological processes.

These spiritual and mental aspects of our being are best treated and supported through the wisdom of Eastern Medicine. My training in acupuncture at Wu Hsing Tao School allowed me to understand and appreciate these non-physical dimensions of human health.

Special Interests

Early in my training, I took a special interest in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Through these interests I developed a greater understanding these diseases and how they connect to other problems like hormonal imbalance. More recently I have focused on understanding genetic connections (such as MTHFR) to health problems like fatigue, depression, digestive problems, and hormonal problems. Helping people establish better balance and health through optimizing genetic alterations like MTHFR.  Dr. Robin Terranella serves his patients by offering both eastern and western medicine treatment options.


Personal message....

"I truly enjoy guiding people to make better health decisions and create healthier lifestyle through offering straightforward, informed, and unbiased health advice. "