Success Stories from Southwest Integrative Medicine

Hot Flashes are Gone!

"I am so glad I came to your office. I am truly feeling so much better. My hot flashes are gone,I am sleeping great, and I am back to myself. Thank you so much."

She found it very easy to do business with us and would highly recommend us to friends and family.

Susan N


Menopause Relief

Dr. Cline has been treating my menopause symptoms for over a year now with bio identical hormones and I have been extremely pleased. My hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping so much better. I feel like a new person. She is a confident, thorough, compassionate doctor.



Phoenix Bioidenitcal Hormones

Dr. Terranella and SW Integrative Medicine have helped me tremendously. I had been using Hormone Replacement Therapy for many years when my new primary doctor took me off it "cold turkey". After that, I experienced hot flashes 8 to 10 times a day and also experienced night sweats. I tried some OTC products that didn't work. Then, I found Dr. Terranella who prescribed bioidentical hormones, after evaluating my hormone values via a lab test. I no longer experience any hot flashes or night sweats. Thanks to Dr. T., I am feeling much better!