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What are the principles of naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a holistic healing approach practiced by the Phoenix naturopathic doctors of Southwest Integrative Medicine, which can serve as your Scottsdale naturopathic doctor too. Through acupuncture and other integrative medicine treatments, our physicians apply naturopathic principles to:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic pain management
  • Cancer treatment
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin conditions
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Fatigue
  • Natural Healing

The six principles of naturopathic medicine include 1) the healing power of nature, 2) finding the cause, 3) do no harm, 4) treat the whole person, 5) disease prevention, and 6) doctor as teacher. So whether you're looking for Phoenix naturopathic doctor or a Scottsdale naturopathic doctor, we practice the holistic healing methods you need for treating chronic pain, fibromyalgia and everything in between.

Our Phoenix naturopathic doctors support the holistic healing power of nature by identifying and removing obstacles to your recovery. Rather than suppress symptoms - of chronic pain, fibromyalgia or other ailments - naturopathic medicine gets to the root of the cause and treats the whole person for it. And our Scottsdale naturopathic doctor will educate you on how to prevent disease in the future.

Acupuncture, homeopathy, vitamin therapy and hydrotherapy are all especially effective means of treatment and prevention among our naturopathic medicine physicians. So if you're looking for Phoenix naturopathic doctors or a Scottsdale naturopathic doctor, consider Southwest Integrative Medicine, serving:

  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Fountain Hills
  • Mesa
  • Tempe
  • Cave Creek
  • Carefree

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