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Our practice of medicine is based on integrative medicine principals offering medical solutions for many simple and complex health conditions. Formally trained as naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists, our doctors have extensive experience and training in Integrative medicine doctorsconventional medicine as well. With training in both convention, naturopathic, and eastern medicine, we seek only to deliver the least invasive most practical health options for you. 


A little more on integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is an approach that embraces conventional and alternative medicine as part of the whole of medicine seeking only to find the most effective treatment for your health condition. For example, bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics and paired with herbal immune stimulants and herbal antibacterial. This allows the body to get over the infection quicker, safer, and with less chance of antibiotic resistance. 

From another perspective, conventional medical sciences have brought incredible advances and vast understanding to the physical processes of the body. In comparison conventional medicine has brought little understanding to matters of the mind and spirit. Despite this we know that stress, major life changes, and other mental / spiritual problems can have a large impact on our physical health. This is where eastern medicine (alternative medicine) shines by offering practical and effective solutions for these matters of the mind and spirit.

This holistic approach to medicine translates into a more holistic medical care for you. In its most basic sense, holistic medicine is more about seeking balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit as one. This premise is part of integrative medicine too. In both Eastern and Western medicine, our integrative medicine doctors have completed rigorous medical training at accredited medical schools in both modern and traditional techniques. They use this training to integrate scientific and empiric knowledge and their patients get an unbiased approach to medicine as a whole. One way to think about what they do is simply, bridging the gap between alternative medicine and conventional medicine.

As they have learned from many of their patients, this integrative approach is a welcome change. Many conventional doctors shun the techniques of alternative doctors, and alternative practitioners do the same to conventional doctors. See what others are saying about the integrative doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine.


"We bring the knowledge of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern medicine together and provide the least invasive more effective treatments for you. Give us a call or send us and email to see how integrative medicine and holsitc doctors can help you."