Holistic weight loss testimonials from our patients

Weight loss and Faith in Meical Care

"What a lot of you don't know is that at the beginning of this year I was wanting more for my health then 15 mins that the medical doctors give you. They run blood test to tell you that you are getting old and put you on drugs made in the lab and not from natural herbs. They have all sorts of side effects so I was looking for a natural path and I was already seeing one once a month to get vitamin B's and B12 to assist me with my energy. So in late March I spoke to her at one of the shot clinic that she was at and on June 4 I went to see her and have never looked back. I was in her office for what seemed like a long time which it was 2 hours and she ordered blood work and a diet plan for a journey to loss weight and be healthy for life. She is such a wonderful Dr / person she told me if I have any problems with what the food plan or if I become hungry to call her or to email her and she would get back to me, well we know Dr's tell us that but do they really do? She really does get back to all her emails that I have sent her in a timely matter. Then I saw her in late June and went over my blood work in detail she did not sugar coat it she just got down to the nitty gritty of it. Then on June 19 she asked me to do 45 mins of exercise and I told her I would walk the mall and she gave me a funny look, I just figure she didn't understand what I had said to her. I walked the mall the first time this year on the 20 of June and it about killed me. Then on the 15 of Aug she asked me to start training for a marathon either a 5K in Oct/Nov and 10K in Feb of 2014. She was thinking about this on HER RUN and she spoke to me about this so that is what I'm doing, I am training for a 5K in Nov and 10K in Feb and a 4 mile run in June out of state with family and friends. So since June 8 when I took my weight on June 8 until now I'm down 33.8lbs. Walking the mall you can loss weight, so all of you that are laughing about mall walkers take another look at it, it does work if you walk as fast as you can, but start out slow then build your speed. I want to thank my children, my grandsons, my son in law and Katie and Carol at work for all there support. This would not have happened if I didn't stepped out there in faith and give Dr Christy Cline of Southwest Integrative Medicine a call. Thanks so very much Dr Cline I feel so much better, I just walked 32/3 mile today in 68 mins and it's my slow day to gain distance. I now walk a mile in about 11-12 a lap which is 2/3 of a mile not bad. Can't wait until June for my 4 mile run. All we need is to have the support of family and friends and a very caring Dr we all can get health if we really want to.

The next step is to get my declining hormones up and running, not that I know what are normal amounts of hormones. This should be a great ride I hope she does get it right which I have the faith that she can do this!

You just got to have the faith in your medical care and know that you are going in the right direction and go for the gold."

Kathy B

A new beginning

"Thank you so much to the doctors at SWIM!! They helped me lose 70 lbs, lower my cholesterol and blood pressure. I have never felt better in my life after dealing with diabetes for 35 years. Thanks Again!"




"I have been to Southwest Integrative Medicine for a few different things now. Most recently they put me on their weight loss diet protocol. I was able to loose 45 pounds very quickly and surprisingly easy. This brought my high blood pressure back down to normal. I will go back to them in the future."


Saved my life!!!

"My weight was getting so out of control. I started their weigh loss diet program and lost 32 lbs! I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine, fit back in my clothes, have tons more energy... Now I am back to eating and my desire for foods has changes drastically. I can hardly handle sugars and it has been very easy to maintain this weight loss... This program is the answer, Call Dr. Cline for an appointment to see if their weight loss program is right for you."



Slim Shots for Weight Loss Phoenix

"I first met Dr. Cline at Sprouts. I took vitamin b12 shots for weight loss and felt a difference right away. I have recommended her to many of my friends and now I come to Southwest Integrative Medicine office for slim shots and other weight loss and energy support."

Susan K

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