Holistic treatments for thyroid imbalance


Of all the hormone imbalances that can make weight loss difficult, thyroid imbalance is on the top of the list. Dysfunction in the thyroid gland is common and can be the cause of many symptoms. Though it plays multiple roles in your body - from making proteins to regulating the function of other body systems - the thyroid gland creates hormones that play an especially essential role in the regulation of metabolism. So if your thyroid hormone levels are too low, losing weight could prove impossible. The problem is occurring at the cellular with decreased ability to burn calories and make energy from these calories. The person has no motivation, no energy, and can't lose weight. For some, however, the problem starts in a much different way.

There are some people that start out with too much thyroid hormone. In this situation the person will often feel irritable, hyper, and may have difficulty sleeping. Then without warning, the levels plunge and energywoman considers natural treatment for thyroid and motivation do too. When this occurs there is often a faulty immune system involved causing the immune system to attack the thyroid gland. If treated properly, the attack of the thyroid could be minimized.

During your first visit here, our doctors can perform diagnostic tests to determine if you have a thyroid imbalance. They will determine if your thyroid hormones are out of balance and find you a natural treatment for thyroid imbalance.  With the test results and your symptoms in mind they will make a treatment plan for you.