Personalized Weight Loss Programs in Phoenix and Scottsdale

One size fits them all

personalized weight lossAnyone who has struggled with weight loss understands that this gross misconception also applies to weight loss. While there is no shortage of fad diets or quick fixes, none factor in the metabolic differences of individual dieters. If obesity and overweight were easy to confront, it would not be a national epidemic.

At Southwest Integrative Medicine, we address weight loss – and all other health concerns – from a holistic viewpoint. There is no system of the body that operates in complete isolation. By taking time to understand the complete past and present experience and concerns of each patient, our naturopathic doctors can better identify obstacles to successful weight loss.

Let’s examine some of those obstacles and talk about how we can help to eliminate them.


Above all else, stress is one of the most prominent factors effecting health and wellness. It is the most common reason given for unintended fluctuations in weight and not surprisingly, also the most common obstacle in reaching a healthy weight. From elevated blood pressure to high cholesterol, arthritis pain, and migraines, finding effective ways to tolerate or eliminate stress is essential to taking control of your health.

Southwest Integrative Medicine takes time to look at all of the forces effecting your life and helps you to identify small changes that you can make to greatly reduce your stress. For example, your stress may be causes by lower than normal neutransmitter function from lack of specific vitamins. Identifying this could mean the difference in living with chronic stress or daily bliss. When you are better able to manage your stress, you can be more objective about addressing your weight through a holistic weight loss program that directly addresses your individual circumstances. Some treatment plans at Southwest Integrative Medicine may include acupuncture, nutritional therapies, dietary changes, and specific nutrients tailored to target altered genes.

Poor Sleep

If you have not gotten a good night’s sleep, your ability to be productive is greatly impacted. While a dose of caffeine may enable you to get moving, it will not sustain cognitive function in the long term without proper rest. Lack of sleep puts added pressure on the entire body and can be related to a wide array of health issues. And, a person who has not had sufficient sleep is unlikely to adhere to a specific nutritional plan or find time to exercise.

To ensure that your sleep cycles are not preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals, the naturopathic doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine dig deep to find the root cause(s) of sleep disturbance, like sleep apnea, hormonal imbalances, etc. One of the most important benefits that integrative medicine offers is a relentless search for root causes. Employing a holistic approach is the best way to attain optimal wellness.

Poor Nutrition

The fact that we need proper nutrition to thrive is a well-known fact but is ignored about as often as the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes. Like nicotine, sugar and carbohydrates can be quite addictive and harmful to the body. Once these behaviors are ingrained in a person’s daily life, they are very difficult to change without support, direction, and guidance.

Achieving nutritional balance is one of the primary treatment methods in integrative medicine. Your body has an amazing power to heal itself but that power is limited when it doesn't have some basic requirements. Sometimes these requirements are not met by what is being put into the body and other times it is from secific genetic alterations that require higher amounts of specific nutrients. Healthy weight loss is not achieved by food deprivation but by learning (or relearning) what to eat and in what quantity and preparation. A personalized weight loss program at Southwest Integrative Medicine will provide you with the guidance and support you need to make the changes necessary to get the weight off and keep it off.


Many health concerns can make losing weight very challenging. The greatest advantage that Southwest Integrative Medicine provides is individualized and comprehensive care. Our doctors are not interested in rushing you in and out, just to send you on your way to the pharmacy for a medicine that will mask your symptoms. They strive to understand what makes you tick, inside and out. By investigating all the spheres of a patient’s life and medical history, naturopathic doctors can identify and treat underlying issues that prevent you from achieving optimal wellness.

Because each person is unique, we use a personalized weight loss plan that encompasses a wide array of weight loss techniques to get you to your goal. So if you're overweight and looking for a personalized weight loss approach, we can help with a plan focused on nutrition and specially tailored to your individual needs - a personalized weight loss diet created by a holistic physician serving:

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