Your Health Is Important

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Shouldn't your health care be about you and your health needs?
We think so too, but many conventional approaches can leave you feeling frustrated and more confused instead. For instance, do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I can't even speak to, get an appointment with, or have a decent conversation with my doctor."
  • "I was given medications and I don't even know what they are for."
  • I asked if there was a diet that would help me and my doctor dismissed it without hesitation.
  • "I waited for an hour and the appointment lasted less than 15 minutes."
  • "My doctor seems to be more interested in writing a prescription than addressing the actual problem."

Sadly, these are actual complaints we have heard.

Welcome to Southwest Integrative Medicine. 

Our experienced, naturopathic doctors in Phoenix offer a holistic approach to health that’s focused entirely on you and your needs. We invite you to find out for yourself, with a free consultation.

During your free consultation, you’ll get:

  • A 15 minute one-on-one appointment with a friendly, attentive doctor.
  • Expert guidance from one of our leaders in naturopathic and integrative medicine.
  • Information about natural vitamin treatments that can help promote your body’s natural functions with less risk of side effects.

At Southwest Integrative Medicine, we always offer flexible, convenient appointment times. And we follow up. Why not experience the holistic approach that puts control of your health back in your hands?

Call us right now at 877-655-7869 or complete the form to schedule your free consultation.