I would like to take a moment to thank the doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine.  I started seeing Dr. Christy Cline in February of 2008 to help me with my lower back pain.  Dr. Cline gave me 2 acupuncture treatments to help with the pain and the healing of my back.  She did an excellent job, not only did I get immediate results in less pain, but since my last treatment my back pain has not come back.

As much as I appreciated those treatments it is what Dr. Christy Cline did for me later that really made a difference for my health.  At the age of 38 I found myself experiencing high blood pressure. I did not ever really understand what that meant and the toll living with high blood pressure has on the body. At that time I was contemplating taking prescription  medicines.

I met with Dr. Cline and she was very concerned with my blood pressure measurements.  We made a action plan to try a change in diet, get exercising and had start taking some Chinese herbs.  The plan was to see if this would lower my blood pressure and keep me from having to go on prescription drugs.  Dr. Cline has a great understanding of the ramifications of living with high blood pressure.  She took the time out to teach me all about it.

I was checking my blood pressure every day and after about 2 months of being on her program my blood pressure came down to normal.  I was able to stop taking the herbs and as I now check my blood pressure from time to time it has remained in the good standings.  While Dr. Cline and Dr. Terranella have also helped me with an entire detox system and vitamin enriched IV therapy, it was my back pain and blood pressure that was most important to me.


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