Dr. Cline gave me my life back

I got into a car accident in Dec 2005 which left me with a bad whiplash injury. I went to physical therapy for a couple of months then went on living my life. Now before the accident I was never sick, I didn't even have a family Dr. because I never needed one! Over the three months after my accident I began having "sick spells". Spells included dizziness, nausea, headaches, back pain, etc. They came and went but became chronic symptoms in April 2006. Really long story short, over then next two years I was on bed rest with crippling full body symptoms. Name a symptom, I had it. I was only 21 years old. I had to put college on hold, quit my job, and cope with these symptoms 24-7. I went to every specialist imaginable trying to find relief, but once they ran their tests and couldn't help me they pretty much said "Good Luck".

That nightmare ended when I saw Dr. Cline on the news talking about Southwest Integrative Medicine. I made an appointment and it truly saved my life. She was the first Dr. that I have met that truly listens to you and shows genuine concern for your health. She did an evaluation and we began my treatment on the first visit. My symptoms dramatically improved after the first week and they were almost completely gone after a month! A huge list of symptoms gone after a monthAmazing! I not only have my life back but I have learned how to live in a much more natural, healthy way.

I highly recommend Southwest Integrative Medicine to everyone I meet!


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