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As the most nutritional and healthy family meal delivery service, NutriFitOnline is your one stop shop for healthy food delivery.

Fuzion Fitness is a boutique personal training studio located in North Phoenix. With 2 valley locations, Arrowhead & Desert Ridge they can help anyone who wants to get in shape and “Sweat in Style.” Their phoenix personal trainers focus on guaranteed results that happen in an environment that is clean, inspiring, and has a unique stylish twist. They offer one on one personal training, group training, boot camps, other fitness classes, and specialized fitness programs like maternity training and bridal bootcamps for anyone who wants to get in shape. Our elite trainers create cutting edge workouts for those who want to “sweat in style.”

Heart Health: An Integrative Approach

As the leading cause of death among Americans – in both men and women – heart disease is not the kind of condition with which you can afford to take any chances. Those who have diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are especially at risk. How ever, as Phoenix-based Southwest Integrative Medicine has discovered, heart health can be effectively managed using a combination of both conventional and alternative medicine techniques, from neutraceuticals to clinical nutrition... [+]

Manual wheelchair manufacturer, STAXI, makes the most innovative wheelchairs and accessories in the industry today – ideal as an airport wheelchair, stackable wheelchair, hospital wheelchair for patient transportation, and wheelchair rentals for shopping malls. Designed by a team of patients, nurses, doctors, transporters and volunteers, STAXI is a manual wheelchair alternative whose design is unmatched. After all, few people know the shortcomings of wheelchairs in public settings better than those who use them for their patients, passenger and patrons every single day.

We do offer laser rejuvenation services in our Scottsdale photofacial facility. Photofacial cost is affordable, and the treatment is extremely easy. This very common, non-surgical procedure is accompanied by little or no pain, and can be completed today in our state-of-the-art Scottsdale skin care clinic. During the IPL power photo facial treatment, a series of intense pulse light applications will be directed to the affected area, and the gentle lasering will heat the damaged skin cells and blood vessels. This will cause the body to begin to heal itself through the rejuvenation of new cells. Your body will also replenish its supply of collagen.

Whether it’s an act of bioterrorism or a natural occurrence, detecting the presence of deadly agents in the air, water, food or contaminated materials is a critical responsibility of first responders. Fortunately, they need not face this challenging task alone. Advnt Biotechnologies makes accurate, easy-to-use first responder test kits for agents of greatest concern to public health, including anthrax, botulism, ricin toxin, Y. pestis and SEB.

With nearly 40 years dedicated to providing quality child care in Phoenix and Peoria, clean facilities conducive to optimal growth and learning, cost management so you save on tuition, and classes for your children in day care that promote advanced learning objectives, Valley Learning Center has become a leader among Peoria day care centers! Our care providers, teachers and associates are dedicated to giving customers on-demand information, and the best in the business when it comes to mentoring children.

Our California navel oranges are winter seedless oranges with thick skin. They are easy to peel with good eating characteristics. Grown in California, these oranges are available from October through March.

Our remergent DNA repair formula developed over many years of bio-pharmaceutical research, which led to breakthrough advancements in the hydroquinone agents, remergent products, and correlating skin treatment options. Accordingly, this has major ramifications for the removal of age spots and sun damage, as well as skin cancer prevention. When using these products, proper hydration and sun block usage are encouraged.

Arizona Botox has been elevated to an art form at Arizona Laser Vein Specialists. With over 1,000 Botox injections at our cosmetic procedure facility, rest assured our Botox cosmetic injections will be a pain free, long lasting, low cost and non invasive wrinkle treatment. Our Arizona Botox services started in 2001. We established our reputation for Botox cosmetic injections on patient satisfaction with their experience and results of our cosmetic Botox injections over their treatment at any other facility.

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