Psychological and Mental Illness

Psychological disorders can be overwhelming for individuals and families alike. When you feel like you are stuck and want more options to treat your integrative medicine doctorsmental health, integrative medicine can help. Integrative medicine doctors focus more on the connection between the mind and body as well as your connection with the world around you. Natural and conventional medication play a big role in helping you manage your mental illness. Yet their reach and ability to manage your symptoms are limited.
For example we know very clearly from scientific research that the antidepressant medications available to us do not work much better than placebo for treating anxiety, depression and other behavioral health issues. This points to a greater work at play in the mind that goes beyond manipulating neurotransmitters with medications. You should know that there are other options to treat your mental health issues such as sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction and more. Check out some of the conditions below or give us a call. 


Attention deficit hyperactive disorder can be seen in adults and children alike. Finding integrative and holistic treatment options for this condition can present a challenge to parents and adults with the condition. The conventional treatments available are stimulant amphetamines such as Adderol and Ritalin which seek to increase focus in the child. In a small percentage of individuals the drugs do just that, increase focus. However, for those with children that don't respond or those who are uncomfortable giving their child amphetamines, where do they turn.

One of the keys to any good treatment is establishing a good diagnosis. This is where we like to start as this diagnosis can be somewhat subjective. If it turns out that your child does have this, there are Integrative and holistic treatment options that will focus on similar brain pathways that Ritlin does without the deleterious side effects. It is also important to look a other environmental factors that contribute to the child's behavior. The phoenix integrative doctors will look closely at your child's diagnosis and environmental contributors before treatment. Treatments that are given will be holistic and integrative.


We all have anxiety and stress from time to time. When it interferes with your ability to do simple tasks, work and function in the world, often times it requires more attention. Like any treatment it is important to be realistic about how bad the anxiety is. For example, do you have trouble reading and focusing because you are worried about something. does your anxiety cause you to not leave home for fear of an anxious interaction. These can be signs of more serious things than just a little stress. Still anxiety in and of itself can be difficult to deal with. It is your doctor's job to determine if it is something that requires treatment. Part of this process is giving you the time to express your concerns. This is often not possible in traditional medical systems where you only get 5 minutes with your doctor. If your doctor does not have the time to listen it can make your treatment more difficult too.

Our phoenix holistic doctors have holistic and integrative anxiety treatments that work with the functions of your body. There are tests you can run to determine your level of neurotransmitters in your body. these test will help the doctor determine your holistic anxiety treatment. Acupuncture is another effective treatment modality for anxiety disorder.


We often think of depression as only effecting our mind and mental outlook but it effects so much more . Our bodies become sluggish when our minds do, leaving us with fatigue an lack of motivation. Depression can even create physical pain and or worsen existing pain, lead to digestive problems like IBS, and more. Still it is the mental burden of depression that is most overwhelming. Conventional treatments for depression can be very effective for many who seek that form of treatment.

The most popular conventional treatment for depression is SSRI's. These medications have clinical significance in treating depression meaning they perform statistically significantly better than placebo (sugar pill). The interesting thing about these research trials is that the placebo pills work farily well too. That's right, sugar pills can actually treat depression similarly to SSRIs. This points to the power of the mind and its ability to change your mental outlook. This is why counseling with things such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy is such an important part of treating your depression. It helps you face the circumstances and work through them.

Our Phoenix integrative depression doctors will create a treatment that integrates counseling along side imbalances in neurochemistry.


Sleep Dysfunction and Insomnia can manifest in many different ways from the occasional lack of sleep to difficulty falling or staying asleep. Insomnia is dysfunctional sleep pattern that persists for 1 month or more. In other cases it manifests as not waking refreshed. Improper sleep and inadequate sleep whichever you have can present many challenges. Over long term, sleep deprivation it can lead to anxiety, increased blood pressure, depression, obesity and more. It is the long term sleep deprivation that can lead to these serious health issues. So if you are effected by insomnia, it is important to look into effective holistic insomnia treatments.

One key to holistic healthy sleep is proper sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene refers to the activities around your sleep, such as watching TV r reading. Proper sleep hygiene suggests that we have a little stimulus around our sleep. That means no exercise, video games, bright lights or watching television at least 2 hrs before going to sleep. For holistic and integrative insomnia treatment, sleep hygiene will be the foundation of your treatment. That's not to say your phoenix holistic insomnia doctor won't use medications for your treatment. Medications have a place in treatment of insomnia, but many are addictive and habit forming so you should be weary of sleep medications as a rule.




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