Free E-Book:  The Role of Oral, Injectable and Intravenous Vitamins for Your Health

What you don’t know about vitamins could be harming your health.vitamins

Most of us think if we eat a “healthy diet” and take a supplement, we are getting the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for our body. But that isn’t necessarily the case, in part because everyone’s body is different.

Our e-book, The Role of Oral, Injectable and Intravenous Vitamins for Your Health, might call into question what you think you know, but it will also give you the information you need about nutrition to make better choices about your health and supplements to your health. You will learn about:

  • The various roles vitamins play in our health
  • Testing for vitamin deficiencies
  • Cellular communication and the importance of hydration
  • How intravenous nutrient therapy can help and which conditions can benefit
  • Where to go for intravenous nutrient therapy near you

Wouldn’t you rather feel better and be able to concentrate and perform better?

Optimizing you nutritional status could be the answer to improve your health so take a moment now to download our e-book by completing the form on the right. This ebook along with the help of the integrative doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine can help you identify any vitamin deficiencies and maximize your vitamin intake for improved overall health.