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Can You Get Cured of Diabetes?

In this post we want to discuss the question; can you cure diabetes.  Maybe you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, and you want to know what is possible.  Or perhaps you have had diabetes for a while, and you want to do whatever you can to get your blood sugar numbers down.  This post will give you a good understanding of what you should be thinking about if you are on this path of getting healthier, and potentially get off medications.  

We will address some general questions about diabetes, some dietary things, and what's going on in your body to create the elevated blood sugar.  Through this we will help you find the best ways and routes to improve your diabetes.  


How To Think About Curing Your Diabetes

Are you wondering about a Diabetes Cure?  This is a natural question that comes up when you first get diagnosed with diabetes.  Sometimes people have this question when they don't want to take the medication or are searching for how to navigate their your way through this diagnosis. 

It’s pretty serious to have diabetes, and many people want to know what they can do to avoid taking the medication, usually because of side effects.  Other people don't want to take medication regardless and they just want to improve their health, or get cured of diabetes naturally.  Before we get into the details, I want to define what I mean by "cure diabetes," so we are on the same page.  

If by "cure diabetes," you mean there won't be any evidence of it in your blood (normal fasting glucose and normal A1C) or other signs of diabetes, then the answer is yes.  In this context, you can get cured of your diabetes.  

However, if by "cure diabetes," you mean it vanishes and you never have to worry about it again- don't worry about getting testing, just do X, Y, & Z, and then it's gone -, then the answer is no.  This kind of cure would be a bad mistake and assumption to make even if your numbers improve. 

 man not wanting to to take diabetes medication

Once diabetes is manifested in your body, there is a pattern of metabolism that can be hard to get out of.  You can think of it like a tire in mud.  Once that tire track is in place, it's harder to get out of the rut.  Now, if you are at the beginning stages of diabetes, the rut is barely formed, and it will be easier to navigate out of it.

However the longer and deeper that rut goes on, it will be harder and harder to get out of.  Just like a tire rut the same type of thing is going on in your body. You are setting up a metabolic tire rut. When this disease processes progresses it gets harder and harder to fix the problem or get out of that rut. 

Your genetic susceptibility along with environmental exposures come together to create "the rut."  Still the longer it's there, the harder it is to get out of that both for psychological reasons, but also for the actual physiological processes.  This is just an analogy and there are a lot of subtle things that make this analogy too simplistic.  However, it is broadly accurate and highlights the need for ongoing monitoring once you have diabetes.


Curing Diabetes With A Diet Approach

Now, we want to discuss some things you can do or ways to approach getting cured of your diabetes. The most obvious thing to do to improve your diabetes numbers is to change your diet.  I can't stress this enough.

For diet, the main thing you want to be looking at is your carbohydrate intake.  Look at the amount of carbohydrates you're consuming in any 24-hour period or any given week.  Whichever way you do it, tracking the segment of time is key.  You should be looking at the amount of carbohydrates.  If you are looking for a specific diet plan, like tell me what to eat, see link below.  

Some people regardless of diet may need to be on medication. This really depends how high your glucose numbers are, how bad your diet is, etc.  Some ideas around the diet are following a ketogenic diet or a very low carbohydrate diet.  Not everyone will necessarily need to be in nutritional ketosis to benefit from the concepts of ketogenic diet, however.  

Before starting this type of diet you should look at your overall macronutrients carefully. Going fully into a ketogenic diet is typically not easy to do, especially for a diabetic.  Some people can potentially get higher blood sugar levels, if they are not actually following a strict protocol, so keep this in mind.  Still, lowering your carbohydrate intake across the board will help reduce your blood sugar, no question about it.

For diet there are other important ideas to consider like different types of carbs and fiber, but we're not going to delve into that too much here.  There are other videos and blogs on this topic that you can find below, if you are interested.

 Ketogenic Sample Diet


Curing Diabetes By Improving Cellular Function

Another broad topical that involves improving your overall cellular function can be used to cure or improve your diabetes.  The diet part mentioned above will always go a long way to help because you're reducing the total amount of carbohydrate your body has to deal with.

The reason the blood sugar/ glucose is a problem to begin with is because it is getting backlogged from the cell into your blood.  The cells are not taking it up as efficiently.  As a result, it stays higher in the blood. There are many reasons why this might occur.  One reason is the amount of toxins that your cells and tissues are exposed to.  A toxin is a general term that refers to any substance that can damage your tissues.  Your body has to process the toxin to make it unable to damage your cells or tissues.  It has to change the chemical structure of it to make less toxic and then eliminate the toxin.  Both processes together are called detoxification. 

Some toxins are harder for your body to get rid because of their nature, and some are more difficult because of your specific genetics.  The point though is that higher levels of toxins in you cells and tissues, can lead to endocrine disruption.  Specifically it can have an affect on cellular metabolism and lead to an elevated blood sugar.  We can see examples of this when we look at liver tests and they are elevated.  Often times, but not always these people will also have elevated blood sugar or pre-diabetes. Sometimes it is the elevated blood sugar damaging the liver and sometimes it is the elevated toxins leading to elevated blood sugar.  Whichever comes first there is an association present between toxic exposure and diabetes.  You can read more about this through the previous link or below.


Role of Endocrine Disruptors and Weight Loss


 We’re going to talk a little bit more in detail on what these toxins are doing to your body and how you can improve cellular function in part two of this blog post.  We will call part two Natural Treatments for Diabetes, so look out fo that.  In that post we will dive deeper into the role of diet and toxins in diabetes. We will also discuss herbal and natural treatments that we have used to help improve people's blood sugar. 

If you are looking for a customized plan to help you get your blood sugar or diabetes numbers under control, click on the link below. 


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