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Natural Diabetes Solutions| Role of magnesium

Magnesium has often been linked with natural diabetes solutions as it has direct roles in insulin signaling and insulin sensitivity to glucose. A recent research article gives more evidence suggestive that those with Diabetes can benefit from consuming magnesium on a regular basis. How much and how often will be discussed as well. 

Diabetes is a condition that is increasing throughout the United States in dramatic proportions. It is a disease closely linked with lifestyle and diet but it is also one of genetic susceptibility. Even natural diabetes solutionsthose with great family genes are still susceptible to diabetes when they have poor diet and lifestyle. It turns out your magnesium levels play a role in your ability to control blood sugar and by default getting diabetes.  

The recent study in question looked at glucose levels ( Hgb A1C, fasting glucose, and 2 hour postprandial) in relation to magnesium levels. Of the 51 subjects tested, 82 percent tested on the low end of normal for magnesium levels. Moreover, the researchers found that the higher the 2 hour postprandial glucose the lower the level of magnesium. They also found that high glucose long term lead to more loss of magnesium leaving them more susceptible to further blood sugar issues. 

Role of magnesium in diabetes solutions.

Magnesium is required for more than 325 enzymes involving metabolism and hormone production. For Diabetes it is specifically needed for insulin receptor activity. One of the issues with diabetes is poor insulin sensitivity. The role of magnesium is that it is needed for enzyme activity that allows for insulin sensitivity. With low or inadequate levels, insulin sensitivity declines. 


So how much should you take in?

If you have Diabetes, and looking for a natural diabetes solutions, magnesium is a great place to start. It is easy to test for and when low, it absolutely improves glucose control. In a very general sense you should be trying to get at least 500 mg of magnesium daily through food and any supplements. However this will not be nearly enough for some. You should start by getting your levels checked. This will allow you to get an idea of where your levels are based on your current intake and make adjustments accordingly. If you have diabetes, you will likely need to take some supplementation. The amount you need to supplement with will be determined by your current levels. For optimal glucose control and natural diabetes solutions you should attempt to reach higher serum magnesium levels.


For more information on natural diabetes solutions and other integrative medicine arizona options, click on the link below. 

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