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Acupuncture for TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, referred to as TMJ, affects approximately 35 million people in the United States.  Anyone suffering from TMJ understands how debilitating it can be. Acupuncture for TMJ relieves pain and encourages movement in the jaw and surrounding tissues.  It's an affordable alternative for those seeking to avoid intrusive medical interventions such as surgery or prescription pain medications.

TMJ can be difficult for traditional medical practitioners to treat, as the causes acupuncture for tmjare not completely understood. New research indicates that TMJ often occurs in conjunction with other medical conditions, which has created confusion in terms of treatment.  Acupuncture for TMJ is an ideal solution to facilitate healing and relieve accompanying discomfort and other medical conditions.

What Is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

TMJ is a condition that can inhibit movement in the jaw and cause pain in the jaw joint, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissues in the jaw and head.  Symptoms of TMJ include:

  • a bite that feels off center
  • headaches
  • pain in the jaw joint
  • ear pain or pressure
  • a stiff or locked jaw
  • stiff/painful neck and/or shoulders
  • a popping, clicking, or crackly noise when opening/closing the jaw
  • pain or difficulty chewing
TMJ can result from, or accompany, other situations or medical conditions such as dental work, arthritis, or jaw injury / trauma. However, many medical practitioners are mystified as TMJ is also linked to seemingly non-related medical conditions such as:
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Infections
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Irritable bowel-syndrome
  • Sleep disorders

It is also more common in women of childbearing age, which suggests that hormone imbalances may play a role as well. These inconsistencies in TMJ and related health conditions are exemplary of how different areas of the body are connected. Many times when one part of the body is unwell, there are often manifestations of imbalance elsewhere. TMJ is a good example of this and acupuncture for TMJ helps restore balance, in addition to relieving acute symptoms.

Acupuncture For TMJ

A holistic health practitioner recognize the interconnectedness of the body's systems. Naturopathic doctors are not surprised that hormonal imbalances, or certain diseases and deficiencies, are linked to TMJ.  They understand that these symptoms are interrelated and customize treatment to incorporate the whole, rather than isolated parts. Naturopathic physicians use a combination of treatments, including Acupuncture for TMJ, to promote healing.

Acupuncture for TMJ works to balance the body, stimulating circulation, and the energetic life force, called Qi.  The main way that acupuncture works for TMJ is by promoting relaxation in the jaw and recharging the neural pathways. Neural pathways are the signal routes for pain signals to travel to the brain. With TMJ these neural pathways become habituated forming chronic pain signal patterns from the jaw back to the brain. Reseting these pathways decreases the pain over time. Acupuncture phoenix will also reduce the chronic inflammation which is partially responsible for the source of pain. Acupuncture for TMJ can begin the path to relaxation and healing. 

If you would like to learn more about acupuncture for TMJ or other treatments from our acupuncture phoenix clinic, click on the link below for a free consultation. 

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