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4 Signs You Have Uterine Fibroids, and Naturopathic Treatment

stomach.jpgUterine Fibroids, a non-cancerous growth that can develop in or around the uterus (womb) can be a problem for around one in three women. The growths are made up of a mixture of muscle and fibrous tissue. While some women do not have any symptoms (in fact, for many, being unable to conceive is the first indication that they have fibroids), others can suffer quite significantly with heavy and painful menses. The number, size, and location of fibroids will be the main influences of your symptoms.

Signs you may have fibroids:


1. Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding

Such as:

  • Periods that are heavier and last longer than the average 3-7 days experienced by most women. This heavy blood loss can lead to anemia in some cases.
  • Painful periods. For some women the pains can be crippling and often women who have had children report they are worse than the pain experienced during childbirth.
  • Spotting either before or after a period.
  • Bleeding between periods, this is more than the bleeding experienced with spotting.

Heavy bleeding on its own is not necessarily an indication of fibroids.  Some women unfortunately do just experience heavier than average periods.


2.Pelvic Pain and Pressure


  • Pain in the abdomen, pelvis or even lower back pain
  • Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Bloating and a feeling of fullness in the region of the lower stomach (pelvic area)


3. Urinary Issues

These include:

  • A frequent need to pass urine
  • Difficulty in emptying the bladder
  • Urinary incontinence (the leakage of urine)

In some very rare circumstances these issues can also include ureter blockage which can lead to kidney blockage.


4. Fertility Issues

Often the first sign for many women that they are suffering with Uterine Fibroids is the devastating confirmation month after month that they have not been able to conceive.


What Treatment is Available?

Standard medical treatment for fibroids will depend on a number of things. If there are no symptoms then it is normal for a doctor to schedule regular exams to keep an eye on the fibroids and see if they have grown. This is done by ultrasound.

When there are symptoms a doctor will look at what treatment will be the best course of action to treat the fibroids, the treatment they recommend will depend on a number of things such as the size, , location, severity of symptoms, and whether you are hoping to conceive. Treatment options include ablation of the uterine lining to reduce the size of fibroids. In some case very high doses of progesterone are given in hopes of shrinking the fibroids. These are somewhat reasonable depending on what you are looking for but you may be wondering about.....


Naturopathic Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

If you are someone that prefers to look at the whole problem rather than looking at and dealing with each individual symptom separately, you should know there are some options for you. Hormone levels greatly affect your uterine tissue which is where and what the fibroids are. Excess estrogens and/or a deficiency of progesterone are a common cause.  When these imbalances are present over several years fibroids can form. 

One approach to treatment is creating a more balanced hormonal state with bioidenitcal hormones or supplements. A more balanced state can happen relatively quickly producing a sense of well being and reducing menstrual symptoms.  Over time this treatment will reduce the size of fibroids themselves.

Naturopathic treatment for uterine fibroids will look at the causes of the fibroids and not just treat the symptoms, helping your body to heal itself.

If you have been considering trying a more holistic approach for your female symptoms, then maybe a naturopathic doctor in Phoenix is right for you. Why not contact us to book a free consult and see how we can help you?


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