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Can You Permanently Cure Eczema Without Medication

Are you wondering if you can permanently cure eczema without using medications? Maybe you are using a topical steroid or maybe you are just suffering with eczema all the time and you don't want to use medications.  Whichever your situation, this article will discuss some of the things that I use to help people permanently cure their eczema without using medications.  We will look at some dietary things and non-medication treatment ideas. 


If this interests you keep reading, we are going to discuss the details. 

Looking at The Gut to Permanently Cure Eczema

The short answer to this question is yes, you can cure eczema without medications.  The next logical question you probably ask is how do you do this, what does it take, etc?  I have personally helped many people permanently cure their eczema without using medications and without the eczema coming back.  The approach (discussed below) is to treat the gut and create more optimal digestion.  For those of you who already know you have digestive issues, you may want to scroll down to the "Treating the Gut" section.  

If you don't think you have digestive issues or you are unsure, I recommend taking a closer look at what this means.  Many, if not most times, those people with eczema and skin issues do have digestive problems.  The digestive issues are not always overt or super obvious.   However, if you pay attention, you will start to see that there are patterns in your digestion and skin disruptions.  This has been been my experience in treating and helping numerous patients with eczema.   As they start to pay closer attention, their skin issues or eruptions correlate with their digestion. 


Skin cells and tissue can take several weeks or even months for them to fully turn over and have new cells.  This is the point where you can actually see a change and improvement in the skin. This is why you cannot really track things from one meal or one day to the next.  However, if you stay consistent with what you are doing, you will start to see the changes over time, weeks or months. 


Gut Problem Or Not?

With regard to identifying digestive issues, you want to start with understanding what is normal and what is abnormal.  For that you want to look at frequency and consistency of your bowel movements.  For frequency, one to two bowel movements per day is considered normal.  Any less than that would be abnormal and more than that would be abnormal too. Three per day might still be okay. 

For consistency we are looking for how well formed the stool is.  For instance does it break up and dissolve? Is it really hard and pebble like?  If yes, these would be abnormal. It should look like a tree that was recently cut down with nice consistent form to it. Contrast this with a tree that's been decaying in the woods for three to four years.  That breaking up look is abnormal. 

The other thing is to look at how often is it normal versus the abnormal?  Is it ninety percent of the time normal?  If so, then maybe you don't have an issue.  If it's 50 percent of the time, then that sounds like an issue. So do you have the normal consistency and are you going regularly the way you should.  If not then you should look at what could be going on with your digestion. 

If you found that you actually do not have any digestive system issues, as far as you can tell, you may want to dig into that even further.  There are cases of eczema that are not related to digestive issues like contact dermatitis and others.  To be sure you don't have digestive issues it makes sense to do some more in depth testing.  This way you can rule it out for sure.  To do this you will like need to consult with a doctor that has some experience in speciality lab tests for digestive problem. Now let's look at what to actually do about eczema in a sense of treating the gut. 


Treating The Gut to Permanently Cure Eczema

In a previous post "Is Eczema A Sign Of Something More Serious", we discussed how the immune cells of the innate immune system are being activated by food particles and microbial toxins.  We reviewed how this occurs  from leaky gut and inflammation in the digestive tract.  It is with this in mind that the first thing you want to do is to treat this problem by calming down the activation of the innate immune system.  It is the over-activation and stimulation to those immune cells that starts this problem. The microbial toxins and/or food particles get distributed throughout the body via the lymphatic tissue.  This shows up on the skin further inflaming the local immune system sitting underneath your skin surface.   So that's a general overview of the problem but let's put this into some categories so you can look at how to approach it. 

When you have eczema and other skin issues, but eczema specifically, there's little doubt that you do have leaky gut.  This should be treated but I believe it is important to recognize that each person is going to need a little different approach.  Currently, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment approach for eczema and digestive issues.  A lot of people do have leaky gut and there's a lot of suggestions and supplements on how to treat leaky gut.  Most of these suggestions are good but they don't fix the problem.  Allow me to explain. 

You want to make sure you are sequencing the treatments in a logical and systematic order, paying attention to symptoms, progress, and labs.  The supplements and treatments you use have to be adjusted as you progress through your treatment.  So to say "take these 5 supplements for leaky gut", can be misleading.  You don't need to use them all at the same time.  It is like being given 10 exercises for shoulder rehab and starting them all at the same time.  You would not do that because some of those exercise will make it worse in the beginning and others won't be helpful as your shoulder gets stronger.  The same can be said for leaky gut. 

For more on leaky gut, check out

Why Most Leaky Gut Cures Don't Work.


So a good first step is to calm down the inflammation that triggered the leaky gut.  The most common reason for the inflammation is microbial toxins. These toxins are in abundance when you have bacterial overgrowth, fungal overgrowth, and other forms of dysbiosis or imbalance in your microbiome.  Food sensitivities and allergies along with histamine excess are also culprits.  These are the three important things to be paying attention to when you have eczema. 

Treatment for microbial or fungal overgrowth many times will make the eczema get a lot worse initially.   This happens because many of the microbial toxins are getting released into your body as you are killing them. Specifically it is the bacterial cell walls and debris that gets into your body and triggers your immune system.  So you have to approach the microbial issues with the awareness that things may get worse before they get better.  Because of that, a lot of times it makes more sense to approach the dietary aspect of this first before going in with antimicrobials. 

What dietary things can you do to help permanently cure your eczema or reduce some of the flare-ups.  A lot of times people will do an elimination diet or AIP (autoimmune protocol) type of diet. Both of these diets remove many of the common food triggers. These foods can trigger the innate immune system or the immune system in general. There is a lot of overlap between those two types of diets.  You can read more about foods and their affect on the immune system here

One reason these diets work is because they reduce the food particles that are pro-inflammatory.  They also reduce the amount of microbial growth and therefore reduce the microbial toxins that are released into your body.  There are specific diets that focus on reducing microbial toxins like a low FODMAP diet.  All of these diets can start to reduce the skin irritation before you take anti-microbials.

Sometimes just eliminating gluten can make a big difference in reducing eczema.  For others it may completely go away with elimination of dairy products or eliminating gluten, for instance.  This is great if it's the only thing you need to do.  While this alone may seem to cure or reduce the eczema, remember that there may be microbial imbalance occurring as well.  Be sure to go back and address this if symptoms return or are persistent.  This is especially true for those that need to eliminate five or ten different foods. This suggests more of a microbial issues.  So if you do this and then you are still having skin issues and eczema, you need to look closer at your digestion.  Generally this means there is some aspect you are missing.  Maybe you do have to go back in treat the microbial overgrowth.  Also, after your skin is calmed down (getting little or no flare ups), then make sure to treat the leaky gut.  

It's also important to note that this process is not always a clean progression from removing the foods to treating leaky gut to complete recovery.  So you have to pay attention to how often you are getting flare-ups.  Are your symptoms getting better in a linear fashion?  If they are not going completely away most of the time, this is also a sign you are missing something.  This is when it may be helpful to do some speciality lab testing to determine where the problem actually is occurring.  Whether it's a blood test, a stool test or some leaky gut test, you need a way to assess what's going on with the cells of the digestive tract. 

Most of the problems with eczema are coming from the gut.  Assessing and re-evaluating where the problem is coming from as your treatment progress can be challenging.  This is where speciality labs and carful tracking come into play.  I hope this gives you a better idea of hot to permanently cure eczema without medications and some of the approaches we take for skin issues.  If you have questions about any of the content discussed, please ask in the comment section below.

For a customized plan for your eczema or skin issues, click on the link below to get started. 

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