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How To Cure Hashimotos Disease

Do you want to know how to cure Hashimoto's disease or if it even curable?Well in this article we will discuss some of the strategies and techniques that we use to cure Hashimoto's disease.  For instance, we will discuss:

  • What's going on with the immune system to actually cause this condition
  • The categories of problems that are present to create Hashimoto's and
  • How you can use signs, symptoms, and labs to devise a treatment plan to cure Hashimoto's.

To Cure Hashimoto's, First Things First

When we are thinking about how to cure Hashimoto's disease or reduce the immune and antibody activity, you should first think about how the immune and Hashimoto's activity started to begin with.  This is a really important point because there are many ways it can start.  If you don't know how it started, you can try to treat all the known cuase.  However with multiple causes, you really want to get at the source of why it started to begin with.  When you treat the source you should see the antibody numbers come down. 

Now sometimes that's easier said than done and sometimes there are not things you can do to control it.  For instance, if there's just a genetic component and  you can't find the actual source.  That being said, there are many things and many different places you can look for what's driving your increased immune activity against your thyroid. 

The first one I said already is genetic. That one you can't really change but the one you can treat to reduce the immune activity against your thyroid include:

  • Leaky gut syndrome which I will explain in more detail below
  • Mold toxicity or toxic exposure in general
  • Chronic infection like epstein-barr, chronic beta hemolytic strep, cytomegalovirus, etc.
You think of the infections as bacteria and viruses mainly but there are others infections that you can have.

As it relates to leaky gut there a number of things that can worsens or influence that. For instance, food sensitivities or food intolerance is like gluten and dairy.  Histamine intolerance, infections in the digestive tract and other inflammation in the digestive tract can all lead to leaky gut and increase the stimulation on the immune system.

As mentioned, toxins also increase the immune activity.  Mold toxicity is a big one but all environmental toxins can be a problematic.  It really depends on the amount of exposre and how efficient your body is at getting rid of the toxins.  If you are exposed to something on a regular basis and you have a genetic susceptibility and can't eliminate it, this is more likely to lead to increased immune activity. 



Where Does The Immune Activity Start?

In the process of hashimoto's disease your body (the immune system) is trying to attack and remove the toxin, infectious bug, or what ever the trigger is.  Each time the immune system sees that trigger, it is going to make antibodies to it. This makes it easier to remove the trigger if it is encountered in the future.  Over time (with chronic exposures to the triggers) the antibodies that are produced can cross-react and produce antibodies that match to your bodies proteins.  In this process, the antibodies to the trigger protein are similar in shape to the proteins in your thyroid gland.  

The most common proteins that this occurs with are with the TPO enzyme and thyroglobulin protein.  So, when the triggering toxin or infectious bug is similar in shape to TPO enzyme or thyroglobulin, the immune system produce these antibodies.  Instead of just attacking the toxin or infectious agent, the immune system will also attack your thyroid gland.  

The antibodies that are being produced are specific to that toxin.  If it is making an antibody that also fits the same structure as your TPO enzyme or thyroglobulin protein, then you get an attack against your thyroid tissue. 

With that being said how do you go about actually Curing Hashimoto's disease or what are some things you can do to reduce the immune activity or the antibody production against your thyroid?


Using Signs and Symptoms to Cure Hashimoto's

To find out how to cure Hashimoto's Disease, you want to step back to the basics and look at where is the source of the problem.  You start with symptoms, signs, history of when the thyroid problem started and then you follow that up with labs ( I will give you some examples or some ideas around that below). 

Do you have any digestive symptoms, like gas bloating changes and stools things like that? If you do, then you definitely want to start by treating this.  If sympotms or suscpions of a problem is there, you can do some testing to narrow down what the problem iss. For instance, if you have some increased bacterial overgrowth or fungal overgrowth.  You can also do stool testing or a leaky gut testing.

Find out More About Leaky Gut


You don't necessarily have to do all these but the overall picture will lead you in the direction of which test is going to be most helpful.  When you have Hashimoto's we automatically assume there is some leaky gut occuringuntil we know that there is not.  So even if you don't have digestive symptoms you might want to do a test to rule this out.  If it's not there, then you can move on to some of the other things.

Another thing to look at is toxic burden.  You will know you ahve toxic burden if you have elevated liver enzymes.  You don't want to necessarily just assume that it's only toxicity however.  

Toxins come from all over our environment.  Sometimes they can come from inside your body which is called autointoxication. They can also come from foods and many other sources.

Then the last thing is to look for and eliminate any chronic infections. This includes things like epstein-barr virus,  cytomegalovirus, Lyme's disease, Chronic beta hemolytic streptococcus.  There are all kinds of different bugs that could be lingering in your body for long periods of time.  A common symtpom of this is a low-grade fever.  This may not show on your thermometer but you feel like you might have one (fatigue and run-down).  It is just low enough to kick in your immune system periodically when the bug is more active.  

This will cause the auto antibodies to be produced and attack your thyroid gland in a cyclical way.  Usually the symptoms with that are going to be feeling like your sick (like an upper respiratory tract infection) but you don't actually get sick. This will come and go. This type of phenomenon can happen with the digestive bugs too

Hopefully this gives you a little bit more concrete information on what  testing and things you can do to find out how to get those thyroid antibody levels down. and overall improve your thyroid function I didn't give a specific treatment plan ideas because there's many different options.  This really depends on what is going on with your specific situation.  Sometimes treatments can give unexpected results.  When this happens you need to understand what's going on with the thyroid and other parts of your body to know what to do next.  So it is not a one-size-fits-all plan.  

For best results work with a doctor that understand this.  Still this should give you a good start to ask the right questions and get a understanding on what's going on with the thyroid to create this problem to begin with.  If you do have questions about your specific situation feel free to ask them in the comment section below.  

For treatment advise and guidance, click on the link below to ge started. 


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