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How To Increase Testosterone Cream Absorption

Are you using testosterone creams or gels and looking to maximize testosterone cream absorption? This article provides essential insights and practices to ensure you get the most out of your topical testosterone application.

Understanding Testosterone Absorption

When using topical testosterone, it's crucial to consider potential barriers on the skin that can hinder absorption. Natural skin oils and lotions produced by the skin can act as protective barriers, making it more challenging for substances like testosterone to penetrate effectively.


Increase Testosterone Cream Absorption

To increase testosterone cream absorption, start by ensuring the application area is thoroughly clean. Consider washing the area before application to remove any residual oils or substances. Additionally, make sure the skin is dry when applying the cream. Avoid showering or washing the area for at least two hours after application to allow absorption.

Rotate Application Sites

Frequent application to the same spot can lead to a buildup of the topical formula and potential desensitization of skin receptors. To prevent this, rotate application sites regularly. Washing the areas thoroughly each time is essential to maintain receptivity.


Consider Skin Thickness

Skin thickness varies across the body. Areas with thinner skin, such as the inner arms and legs, allow for more efficient absorption. Consider these locations when applying testosterone cream for optimal results.  Also avoid any areas with hair as the hair will interfere with absorption too. 

Proper Rubbing Technique

Rub the cream in thoroughly and for an adequate duration to ensure optimal absorption. This step is crucial for achieving effective results.

Avoid Interference

Avoid using other creams or substances around the area where you apply the testosterone cream. If necessary, you can use these products elsewhere, but avoid applying them directly to the treatment area.

Preparation Matters

To aid absorption, consider taking a hot shower before application. Warming the skin can enhance penetration.

In conclusion, optimizing testosterone cream absorption involves maintaining clean, dry skin, thorough rubbing, and rotating application sites, especially in thinner-skinned areas. By following these best practices, you can maximize the benefits of topical testosterone application for your specific needs.



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