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Where to get B12 shots and how B12 can help you?

Many patients ask where to get B12 shots and how B12 can help you. This article will focus on these two topics. 

Where to get Vitamin B12 shots?

Vitamin B12 shots can be obtained from a doctor's office when it is deemed necessary and at mini off-site clinics as discussed below. Not all doctors offices carry B12 in stock. When they have it, the doctor will usually make it available as treatment or supplement to health. At our clinic, we always have B12 available andB12 injections the doctors administer B12 shots frequently. We can also help on where to get B12 shots. Some patients receive B12 shots as a specific part of their treatment program and others use them to supplement their energy and/or weight loss goals. Generally the way it works is patients call our office and schedule a brief initial appointment. Once one of our doctors has determined that a vitamin B12 shot would be helpful for your health, our doctor will administer the shot and schedule a convenient time for your next one.

These appointments are scheduled during normal business hours throughout the week. In some cases, the B12 shots are part of a treatment plan and can be billed through insurance but most pay with cash and are used to supplement health. 

You may be wondering where to get B12 shots outside a doctor's office. There are a few places. The first would be to purchase the B12 from your doctor and administer to yourself. The trouble with this is you may have difficulty with the needles, etc. We have also seen internet sites where you can purchase B12. However, like many medications, purchasing over the internet can be very risky. This is especially true for things you are injecting directly into your body verses oral medications. If the product you get is contaminated with bacteria or other adulterations, you could get very sick. The other risk with internet purchasing is that the B12 you receive may lack potency, leaving you with a watered down version of the real thing.

If you are getting vitamin injections like B12 without a doctor's order, you are probably getting it from another country where pharmacy practices may have lower standards. So purchase from the internet at your own risk. This may seem obvious but in our opinion, it is best to have a medical provider supervise the use of all injected medication.

The last place where you can get B12 shots is at mini clinics. These clinics provide convenience and accessibility. They are generally performed by doctors but not necessarily in a doctor's office. You may find these clinics at supermarkets or health food stores. Here in Phoenix Sprouts Farmer's Market hosts at least one/week.

How B12 can help you.

B12 can help with many functions in the body ranging from metabolic to neuralgic. It has this action by acting as a cofactor in different pathways of the body. So, what is a cofactor? A cofactor is a mineral, vitamin, or nutrient that is needed in order for an enzyme to work properly. Think of it like this, when you are starting a fire you need matches, wood, and paper. It is helpful to have some smaller pieces of wood to catch the larger pieces on fire first. Cofactors are like the smaller pieces of wood. Without the smaller pieces you would probably get the fire going eventually but not nearly as easy. Cofactors are a lot like this as they help the processes of the body run smoothly and B12 is a cofactor in many of these processes. This is why it can be used for so many different things from energy to B12 shots for weight loss. 

So what processes is B12 involved in? 

As a cofactor B12 is involved in two key reactions, ensuring the breakdown of fatty acids and DNA synthesis. As a result of these two key reactions two conditions result from B12 deficiency. When the breakdown of fatty acids is impaired, they accumulate in the nerve sheath (called myelin). The result of this fatty acid accumulation is a sensation of pins and needles or a numbness in the feet and hands.

When DNA synthesis is impaired your Red Blood Cells swell and enlarge. We can detect this with a blood test and it is known as megaloblastic anemia. If you have this you will most likely notice a decrease in energy but not all people will be able to detect the low energy because it happens over long period of time. These above two areas are the major functions B12 is used for. However, there are many other areas where B12 plays indirect roles that can directly effect how you feel. These include immune function, neurotransmitters, neurological health, memory, and more.

With the many roles of vitamin B12 and the poor nutrition that many american's live with, it is important that you know where to get B12 shots. The shots can bypass the digestive system allowing for much greater absorption. In some cases, supplementing with oral B12 is not enough which makes knowing where to get B12 injections all that more important. 


To learn more about vitamin B12 shots, vitamin injections and where to get b12 shots, click on the link below for a free consultation with one of our holistic doctors.

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