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IV Nutrient Therapy | Are your cells Thirsty?

In Phoenix Arizona we are always reminded of maintaining adequate hydration for all aspects of health, for energy and mental clarity. This importance is especially pronounced for those working or training outdoors in the extreme temperatures of summer. Dehydration is common for them but what about for the majority that work and train indoors. What happens when your body is slightly dehydrated? What can you do to protect yourself against this slight dehydration?

IV NUtrient TherapyStudies show that most men and women will become slightly dehydrated several times throughout the course of a week. The symptoms that this creates can be subtle and attributed to other things such as poor sleep, stress, poor diet, etc. However, a recent study shows that many ominous but common symptoms are the result of dehydration. As we will see IV Nutrient therapy can help with this. 



The study and the symptoms of mild dehydration

This study by armstrong et al looked mostly at the relationship of cognitive function and mild dehydration 1.5 % (this is the amount that most people experience at some point during any given 7 day period) in 26 men and women. 

The results showed that with mild dehydration, both men and women were more likely to feel fatigued and to have diminished cognitive performance, specifically vigilance.  Men were more likely to experience short-term memory degradation when mildly dehydrated. While women were more sensitive to dehydration than men reporting headaches, fatigue, confusion and lack of energy. Women also found moderate exercise was more difficult with this mild dehydrated.

What does this means for you?

This study demonstrates the impact of mild dehydration and the importance of maintaining optimal levels of hydration during normal daily activities.  Both men and women will be more effective in work and play by maintaining full hydration.  It should also be pointed out that more vulnerable populations such as elderly and children may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of dehydration. Apart from consuming water regularly, IV vitamin therapy is one such way to maintain adequate hydration.


The Role of IV vitamin Therapy and Hydration?

IV Nutrient therapy is a form of treatment that delivers not only vitamins and nutrients to the body, but also fluids. This form of vitamin therapy is used to treat chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, pain, cold and flu, post workout recovery, secondary prevention of cancer, and much more. The reason this treatment is so much more effective than oral vitamins is that the nutrients are delivered directly to the cells. The same is true for the fluids. The membranes that surround our cells carry out many crucial functions including communication. When the cells are dehydrated it causes the cell membranes to have wrinkles in it just like a dehydrated grape would. The more dehydration, the more wrinkles and interrupted communication (among other things). With IV nutrient therapy your cells can get adequate fluids and nutrients in one shot. Its a great way to keep your cells hydrated and nourished during summer months.  


To learn more about how IV Nutrient Therapy could help you, click on the link for a free consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors.


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