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Acupuncture Phoenix Clinic Answers: Does acupuncture Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The short answer is no but rather than take my word for it I wanted to show you a little more.  To answer the question of "does acupuncture hurt" I did a quick demonstration to show what the needles look like and how they are inserted. From this you can clearly see that:
  • The needles are very small in diameter
  • The depth that the needles penetrate the skin
  • The lack of pain felt

I did this demonstration on myself and have had lots of acupuncture before so I am use to it.  One of the things that are critical to minimizing the pain felt is the technique used.  Myself and other phoenix acupuncture doctor are highly in thousands of hours in acupuncture and also have many years of experience. 

The Video


Here is the video Transcript

So today I'm going to show the process of putting in an acupuncture needle just to demonstrate how small the needles are and how painless it is. so here we have the acupuncture needle package packaged in individual each needles packaged in an individual case like so. then you can see how each one is in a tube because they're very small. now we're just going to prep the site and we're going to do an acupuncture point on the hand here. it's called large intestine 4. i'm just going to find the site. here you can see how small needle is. the right spot there find the point a little bit deeper and there you go. that's an acupuncture point and usually on this point you can feel the energy pulsing through there fairly quickly but it's fairly painless at the same time. it's not a sharp or painful thing but you can't feel a sensation of energy at that point

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