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Most Common Low B12 Symptoms

Do you think you might have low B12 symptoms? In the video below I cover the most common low B12 symptoms, some other health issues that may mimic low b12 and what to do if you have low b12 symptoms.

When you have low b12, your symptoms may be somewhat vague. often times people attributed them to other health issues or life circumstances. Like I didn’t sleep great last night or I have not been exercising or my diet has not been great lately. I am making this video so you can become more aquatinted with low b12 symptoms and more easily identify when you might have low b12.

B12 Deficiency Symptoms

1. Fatigue. Fatigue is another way to say low energy but how low is low another way to describe low energy that you may identify with more is brain fog, difficulty with recall and thought processing.
malaise, low motivation. Like You just don’t have your typical get up and go mentality. Sometimes people may find their to do list is piling up.
In more severe cases you can even have depressed mood or clinical depression.

2. Numbness tingling in hands and feet and other neuropathic symptoms, tinnitus.

3. Shortness of breath or decreased exercise tolerance can also occur.

These are some of the common low b12 symptoms. If you have several of these symptoms it makes it more likely that you do have b12 deficiency. Still symptoms alone are not enough to say you have b12 deficiency. Some of these symptoms could be attributed to iron deficiency, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, infection, folate deficiency, etc etc.

The point is low b12 symptoms are very non specific.  Basic testing for low b12 is fairly easy and inexpensive. When the level is low in your blood we know you are low but normal levels do not always mean your body has sufficient levels.

This may seem paradoxical but I will post another video discussing this in more detail in the future.

Now b12 deficiency is very common and a very common cause of low energy and motivation. If you have these and other low b12 symptoms there is no harm in supplementing with b12. However I find it extremely helpful to follow blood markers to make sure your body is getting enough it is actually absorbing into the body and cells ensure you are not masking or overlooking other deficiencies.

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For instance if you start taking b12 and feel a little better but not all the way how do you know if you need more or if something else is causing these symptoms? Following blood test will ensure your body is getting the right amount of b12 and you are properly addressing your health issues. Hopefully this video and content was helpful in giving you some direction for low b12 symptoms. There are a lot more details to cover on B12 (like why is it low to being with what type to take etc) so subscribe to the channel to get notified when the next video is posted.

If you want an individualized plan relating to b12, click on the link below for a  consult. 

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