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Top 5 Methylfolate Side Effects

Methylfolate side effects are quite common but they seem to occur in some people more regularly than in others.  What we want to look at here is wether there a pattern to these side effects? 


If you have an mthfr gene mutation you may have personal experience with these or heard about them. Methylfolate can be a very potent supplement for those with mthfr gene mutation but some people don’t seem to tolerate it as well as others. 


Why is that?

How do you know if you are having side effects from methylfoalte and what are the most common methylfolate side effects?


Methylfolate Side Effects #1, 2, 3

The most common methylfolate side effects I see from methylfoalte can be broadly categorized as "over-methylation". Over-methylation put simply is the biochemical process that occurs from taking too much methylfolate or other methyl donors.  Methylfolate is at the center of the methylation process and when optimized allows for all the positive effects of methylfolate. 


However, too much mehylfolate will actually shut the methylation process off and lead to fatigue, muscle or joint aches, depression, etc.  The same same symptoms that methylfolate supplementation typically helps with, can trigger those symptoms when given in too high a dose. 

 methylfolate in foliage

This problem is very common in people taking deplin a very potent methylfoalte supplement. In fact, most people with mthfr gene mutations don’t need this much methylfolate.  Some do but that would be an exception not the rule. 

So we can place 3 common methylfoalte side effects into the overmethylation category and they are:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Joint and muscle aches
  3. Anxiety


Remember joint aches and fatigue can also be common symptoms of not enough methylfolate but when given too much the system flips leading to worsening of your symptoms. Most of the time this occurs when people  are taking the methylfolate over a period of time.  At first they feel better for a period of time and then all the sudden feel like it is not working or start having these symptoms. 


Anxiety can and does occur from over methylation too but some people can only tolerate small amounts of methylfoalte right from the beginning. In these cases you may not technically be in an over methylated state. This has to do more with their unique genetics and possible other things specific to their lifestyle and epigenetics.


Methylfolate Side Effects #4 Digestive 

Another common methylfolate side effect is digestive system pain or discomfort when taking methylfolate. 

Upon taking methylfolate or other b vitamins some people start to have abdominal pain or discomfort, headaches, rashes, or other symptoms.  


In these cases you may wrongly assume these symptoms are from the b vitamins themselves. While this could be the cause, a bigger consideration is to make sure you don't have a problem in your digestive tract. 


Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, fungal overgrowth and other pathogenic bacteria can and do consume b vitamins and can trigger these and other symptoms. 


While digestive problems are one big cause for methylfolate side effects or poor response to MTHFR gene mutation treatment, there are many other health issues that can do this too. That is why we should emphasize and focus on bringing the entire person back into balance don't just focus on MTHFR alone. 



Methylfolate Side Effects #5 Allergies


One methylfoalte side effect that many people often don’t consider is in response to histamine and allergies.  When histamine is broken down in the body, the main enzyme that does this is called histamine n-methyltransferse or hnmt. When histamine is converted into methyl-histamine it becomes a more potent form of histamine before it is then deactivated and eliminated from the body. If the follow up stages of histamine clearance are not working people often have increased allergies and histamine symptoms like skin rashes, or increased allergies. 


Keep in mind methylfolate supplementation is a broad topic and many questions may arise.  Like how much methylfolate should you taken for different types of mthfr gene mutations?

If you have specific questions about this you can pick my book on Amazon “MTHFR Gene Therapy Demystified”. Or come in for a visit to get a more comprehensive plan.


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