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Hashimoto treatment | Integrative Hashimoto's thyroid treatment

Hashimoto treatment focuses on treating the thyroid in most cases, yet dysfunction in the immune system is the cause. While there is no doubt that the thyroid should be treated, there is a specific way to approach this treatment as we will discuss below. Additionally, there are other holistic ways to approach Hashimoto's disease that address the immune dysfunction.

The immune system relation to Hashimoto treatment.

Hashimoto's disease is caused by an autoimmune reaction where the immune system attacks and destroys healthy thyroid gland tissue. Exactly why your immune system does this is not clearly understood. This lack of clarity is partially due to the great complexity of the immune system. Your immune system is responsible for a vast array of functions from repairing Hashimoto Treatment phoenixdamaged tissue from an injury to defending your body against foreign pathogens. Yet these actions all fall under one system ....... the immune system. It's ability to cover such a broad spectrum of activity is possible from its sensitive detection system. This recognition system is both a benefit and problem ....... when it comes to autoimmune disease.

In autoimmune thyroiditis the immune system's detection system mistakes the bodies own proteins for foreign proteins (or amino acids) and attacks them. This is exactly the problem with the case of hashimoto's disease. We do know how this occurs but the why to this immune system mistake is still not clear. However, there are some emerging reasons that are gaining more credibility.

Finding the Cause for effective hashimoto treatment.

Knowing that your hypothyroidism symptoms are from hashimoto's disease is only half the battle. If you have hypothyroid symptoms and you have not been checked for hashimotos, you should have your auto-antibodies checked. This information will tell your doctor how to better target your thyroid treatment. Non- autoimmune thyroid treatment is much different than autoimmune thyroid treatment both in dosage given and other treatment concerns. Moreover, the focus of treatment will shift to the immune system and autoimmune triggers. Some of these triggers:

  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Celiac's Disease
  • Heavy Metal toxicity
  • Chronic Inflammation

By eliminating these triggers and focusing on modulating the immune system we can reduce the reactivity of the immune systme. In most cases the auto antibody levels corelate with this reactivity and will decrease accordingly. With the reduction in auto-antibodies, your thyroid function will improve.

Hashimoto's disease standard treatment and its problems.

Conventional Hashimoto treatment lacks the effectiveness to protect the thyroid gland from further destruction. Many phoenix hypothyroid patients come to us with complaints of fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain, and dry brittle hair. After going to other doctors that said their thyroid is normal, we find their thyroid being under treated. When you have hashimoto's disease the standard test typically will not show a problems. This is because the auto antibodies alter and mask the dysfunction in your thyroid gland. When the more advanced tests are run, the results show this dysfunction and treatment can begin. Without the more advanced thyroid tests, many remain frustrated and in an undiagnosed hypothyroid state.

Recent research shows that those with thyroid auto antibodies should be treated with thyroid hormone even if no hypothyroid is detected. This treatment will help prevent destruction of the thyroid and the need for higher doses in the future. That's right, treating patients with thyroid auto-antibodies will actually preserve thyroid tissue longer and suppress the auto-antibodies.

To get a more info. on your hypothyroid symptoms or Hashimoto treatment, schedule a consult by clicking on the link below. 

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