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  • "My weight was getting so out of control. I started their weigh loss diet program and lost 32 lbs! I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine, fit back in my clothes, have tons more energy... Now I am back to eating and my desire for foods has changes drastically. Saved my life!!!
    Pamela, Scottsdale Az
  • "Dr. Cline and Dr. Terranella have been amazing! For the first time we found doctors that actually listen. They care about how your feeling and try everything they can to get you back to a normal state. I am in love with these guys! If you want amazing care, see these guys."
    Jennifer F. ,Phoenix Az

Holistic weight loss. Finally an Approach that Works.

There is a reason why most weight loss programs fail: they aren’t holistic. In most cases, weight management issues begin for one of two reasons: a person has underlying health issues that cause their metabolism to slow down or they have formed an unhealthy relationship with food in response to emotional triggers. Oftentimes we find our patients are dealing with a combination of both. Either way, a traditional “eat less, exercise more” mentality is not enough to promote real and sustainable weight loss.

Holistc weight loss programs work to integrate weight loss through the mind, body, and emotional levels. When all three of these are addressed, our patients finally get to experience the joy of losing weight and keeping it off. We will discuss some of these approaches in this article. 

Scottsdale Weight Loss Begins with Identifying Underlying Causes in the Body

The first step to any holistic weight loss program is to receive a thorough medical exam. Scottsdale weight loss managementYour doctor will want to discuss your family medical history, as well as your personal medical history. S/he will also want to have an in-depth conversation about your lifestyle, eating habits, and emotional health. You will probably be asked to keep a food journal in order to track exactly what you eat and drink each day. This comprehensive exam sets integrative medicine apart from traditional western medical practices. We take our time to really get to know our patients in order to receive as much information as possible and begin working towards a holistic weight loss solution.

After a standard physical exam and routine blood work, your doctor will be able to analyze the data, as well as the information you have provided. Together, this will help to identify the root problems or causes. Common medical causes for weight gain - and/or difficulty losing weight - include:

Believe it or not, many overweight people are actually malnourished. Their bodies will begin signaling food cravings in an effort to ingest nutrients. Overconsumption of the wrong foods will cause weight gain. Once their diet is in balance, the food cravings subside and weight loss occurs naturally, with minimal intervention.

Scottsdale Weight Loss Clinic Finds Mental and Emotional Solutions

I have yet to meet a patient that is wanting to lose weight that didn't have some idea about what they are doing wrong. Nor are the things that they need to do very difficult. Some cases are more dramatic than others but you get the idea. Why are these changes so hard to implement and maintain? Those that do find ways to loose weight and keep it off do so by modifying their behavior (aside from addressing underlying medical issues). The behaviors that they modify are learned and can be implemented by anyone. Here are a few common behavioral difficulties that arise with weight loss .

  • Overwhelmed
  • Neurochemical imbalance
  • Poor environment
  • Time management
As mentioned above, many people have ideas about what they are doing wrong but not sure where to start. They don't have an issue on what to do but how to do it. Day by day and step by step implementation of the ideas. There are a lot of conflicting ideas on what to eat and many times it is simply easier to stick with what they know. For these people a diet plan with a specific list of foods to eat and a menu can be very helpful because it take the guess work out of the process. Over time the things that they go to gets better and better. 
Along the same lines, your environment plays a big role in your choices. So if you have a list of foods you are supposed to eat and and a kitchen full of junk food, there is not much hope for you. However, removing the junk food and shopping for a specific list of foods can make the process so much easier. If you live with someone that is following a different diet, try to set up designated areas where your food is, so you won't be tempted by the foods you are trying to avoid. People that are supporting your health goals can also go a long way. 
Of course, all this planing and change takes time that most of us feel, we don't have. Upon a closer look it is clear we all have "wasted time". Some of us more than others, but the point being when we really dissect what we do each day, there are opportunities to focus on planing for our diet and health. Having a realistic well thought out plan is more than half the battle. A few examples of time sucks are facebook, email, you tube, internet, and watching TV. 5-10 minutes here and there is more than enough time to plan out shopping, meals, etc.
The other piece that ties in to all of the above is the balance of neurotransmitters in your brain that support or impede your behaviors. For some the inability to actually plan things out and execute come from an underlying neurochemical imbalance or deficiency. They simply cannot focus or they simply feel too overwhelmed by their daily activities. In these cases naturopathic doctors can help identify the imbalance and provide neurotransmitter or neurosteroid support. Cognative behavioral change can also be used. The bottom line is that you have to be able to implement the diet in order for it to be effective. Looking at each person as an individual and finding where they need more support, make the whole process work better. Behavioral modification can be challenging but it is not without reward. Loosing 10-15 lbs now can put your health in a much better place tomorrow and in the future.  


Scottsdale Weight Loss Solutions

If you live in, or travel to, the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, make an appointment with one of the weight loss doctors Southwest Integrative Medicine. We are happy to meet with you for a free consultation. Our doctors recognize the need for holistic weight loss programs that honor the patient and their journey towards a healthy body. Our Scottsdale weight loss clinic gets results because we treat the roots of the problem and deliver personalized weight loss solutions that work. Click on the link below for a free consultation.


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