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Personalized weight loss programs in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Do you offer holistic alternatives to popular fad diets?

In short, yes we do but lets explore what we mean by holistic in a little more detail. If you ask a scientist about weight loss, they would likely give a straight forward answer........... "Calories in equals calories out." Meaning eat less if you want to loose weight........... seems like practical advise to me. This approach is also known as the Law of Thermodynamics and it maintains personalized weight lossthat energy (calories are energy) cannot be created or destroyed. While we can't argue with the law of thermodynamics, there are other components to weight loss (other than what you eat) that should not be overlooked. Indeed, many get frustrated with weight loss using the standard "calorie in calorie out" models when they see little or no change in the scale. This frustration often leads people to give up or resort to the latest fad diet, but the don't have to. Our personalized weight loss takes into account an individuals unique needs and unique metabolism.

The rapid weight loss seen with fad diets certainly have their benefits, but such weight loss should be done with care. When done recklessly many end up in a worse situation later down the road as thier metabolism deteriorates. There are several steps you can take to kick in your weight loss while maintaining a natural and healthy diet. We have developed a program that combines traditional weight loss methods with metabolism boosting techniques. This holistic weight loss program offers everything you need to shed those extra pounds now and leave you healthier in the future. The best part is this program is personalized for you, holistic in nature, and does not require harsh stimulants.

Personalized weight loss program.

With our personalized weight loss program you have weekly doctors visits guiding you with diet, exercise, hormone therapy, and mental state. We don't pass you off to a nurse, our doctors are guiding you every step of the way.

A Nutrition Plan That Works

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of any program and this is no different with our program. Using specific foods in specific amounts, you will not have to guess at what you can and can't have. We take the guess work out of the diet and help you transition into regular eating again. In addition to an effective weight loss plan, we take a global look at you as an individual and make substitutions to the diet as needed.

Increase Metabolism by Balancing Hormones

Hormones can play a big role in your metabolism, the places you store your weight, and how difficult it is to loose fat and maintain muscle. In our personalized weight loss program we seek to optimize your hormones to help change your body composition and lower your weight.

Exercise You Can Do

Many people that are interested or trying to loose weight start out exercising with a bang. When the scale doesn't move or stress levels get high, the exercise goes out the window. We have found several key components needed in an exercise routine to achieve the weight loss you desire. You don't need a gym or a ton of workout equipment to make this work. We take the guess work out of your exercise program to get you the best results. This program is done best with the assistance of personal trainer but this is not neccassary. When you purchase this program your inital personal training sessions are included at no extra charge. 

Address Emotional and Psychological Triggers

Stress, poor sleep, and emotional eating are all deterrents to weight loss and important considerations of a comprehensive weight loss program. In our personalized weight loss program, we offer answers to these tough lifestyle concerns. No matter how you look at it, weight gain is a lifestyle issue. You have to learn how to change your lifestyle if you are going to maintain a healthy weight and that takes accountability and honesty. 


A Comprehensive Personalized Program

For some their difficulty with weight management comes from, poor time management others have low energy and can't get motivated to get to the gym or prepare foods. Still others are on the right track but their hormones are prohibiting them from loosing the weight. Because each person is unique, we use a personalized weight loss plan that encompasses a wide array of weight loss techniques to get you to your goal. So if you're overweight and looking for a personalized weight loss approach, we can help with a plan focused on nutrition and specially tailored to your individual needs - a personalized weight loss diet created by a holistic physician serving:

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  • Fountain Hills
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