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Are Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Misleading You?

Are you not feeling like yourself lately?  Maybe you feel tired, irritbale, like you are gaining weight, new or increased headaches, loosing your hair, increased acne. Could all these symptoms really be from one thing, like hormone imbalance symptoms?

Many people with these and other symptoms attribute them to hormonal issues.  They may be right but the key to giving these symptoms the attribute of being hormonal is their relevance. In other words, do the

symptoms fit together coherently with the broader picture of what is going on with your health? Do they create a picture we call hormonal imbalance? 


In our practice we always aim to find and treat the cause. Many times hormones imbalance is that cause. So I want to share some common hormonal imbalance symptom patterns and the corresponding hormones that are out of balance. 


Hormone Imbalance Symptom Picture 

Remember it is the hormone levels that create your symptoms.  Sometimes symptoms alone can be misleading as many hormones can have the same or overlapping affects.  Depending on which symptom you are most concerned with you may be misled by simply focusing on this one symptom.  

So the point here is to show you how easy it is to be mislead and to remember this when trying to find the cause of your health issues.  It is easy to become convinced that you have one issue when in fact you have something else going on.  


So keep an open-mind to all the possibility of what could be wrong.   Let's look at some examples.  I am going to compare symptoms of low thyroid output also known as hypothyroid with low cortisol output also known as low adrenals or adrenal fatigue.


So see if you can pick out the symptoms pattern for each. 


Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Pattern 1:

Depression and fatigue, weight gain, light headed, irregular heartbeat, digestive tract symptoms like constipation, intolerance to cold, infertility, rough dry skin, excessive thirst, hair loss, and increase in urinary frequency


Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Pattern 2:

Fatigue, weight fluctuations, light headed (especially from sitting to standing), irregular heart beat, feeling more cold, increased thirst, urinary frequency, exercise intolerance, difficult standing for long periods of time. 


As you can see it is not always obvious from symptoms alone what hormone levels are off. This is where clinical insight and labs come into play. Sometime, for instance, we may get hints about the cause of your symptoms are based on family history.  If you have a strong family history of thyroid disorder, you may be more prone to this. We may also get hints based on which of the symptoms seem to be more severe.  

Now which of the above symptom pattern goes with which hormone deficiency?

For this demonstration I purposely created a list of symptoms that looked similar.  The lists are accurate but some of the symptoms are more specific to a particular hormone deficiency.  For instance, the first hormone imbalance symptom pattern corresponds to low thyroid hormone output. The specific things that stand out and suggest a thyroid issue are:

  • Constipation
  • Hair loss and brittle nails
  • Weight gain 

These are not the only symptoms found in someone with hypothyroid but they are unique to those with low thyroid compared to other hormone deficiencies. 

The symptoms that stand out for low adrenal output are

  • Lightheaded from sitting to standing
  • Salt cravings
  • Exercise intolerance

 These are the symptoms that are more specific for low cortisol output but any of those listed in symptoms pattern 2 may be present. Sometimes people have low thyroid and low adrenals. 


Hopefully this information was useful in understanding how hormone imbalance symptoms can be misleading sometimes and other time useful.  When applied to specific glands and hormones, these symptoms can really help us determine which hormones are out of balance with the whole. 

Keep in mind, this was focused more on how the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can overlap rather than any particular hormonal disorders. It does not explore any particular hormone disorder in detail. So I you have more questions leave it in the comments below. 

If you want help finding the cause or your hormonal imbalance symptoms give us a call or click on the link below for a free consult. 

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