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Do You Have to Take HCG on TRT?

Many people believe that they need to take HCG when they are on TRT ( testosterone replacement therapy).  That's not necessarily true.  In this article, we will look at the different scenarios when you should be thinking about taking HCG if you are on testosterone replacement therapy.  We will also look at when it isn't necessary.


If this interest you keep reading we are going to discuss the details. 

So the answer to question "Do you have to take HCG on TRT" is no. You don't have to take HCG when you're taking TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.  However in some cases it can be a necessary part of your treatment.  In answering this question you have to understand what HCG does for your body.  This understanding will help you know when you do and don't need to take HCG.  So let's look at what HCG does.  


Using HCG With TRT

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.  Males don't produce very much HCG naturally.  There are small amounts of HCG produced in the pituitary gland in both males and females, however.  HCG is mostly known for its effects during pregnancy.  It also can be administered to help promote fertility for both males and femalesWhen you are on TRT or testosterone replacement therapy many males will take HCG because it helps keep the testes active in producing both testosterone and spermatozoa. 

Testosterone and sperm production are regulated by the pituitary hormones, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).  The pituitary produces these hormones when it detects a low level of circulating testosterone.  When you are taking TRT your levels of circulating testosterone are high.  The pituitary detects that and produces less of the hormones (LH and FSH) that stimulate the testes to produce testosterone.  Because of this your testes are going to produce less testosterone and less sperm.  If you take HCG, it mimics the effect of LH and to a lesser extent FSH.  This turns the production of testosterone and sperm back on. 


Benefits Of HCG on TRT

The signaling involved with this is dose-dependent.  For instance, if you are on a relatively low dose of testosterone replacement therapy, it may be low enough and not interfering with the LH and FSH production.  Equally important, if you are on a low enough dose of HCG it may not be high enough to re-stimulate the production of the spermatozoa and the testosterone.  So you do have to take all that into consideration when you are looking at dosing.  Testing your hormone levels will always give you a clearer understanding of what's going on If you are asking this question, you should have the conversation with your physician as well.  So do you have to take HCG on TRT? The answer really depends on your goals. 


If your goal is to have a baby and get pregnant, then you probably should be considering HCG or some other gonadotropins stimulant like Clomid.  You may want to first do a semen analysis because not everyone is going to need to take HCG.  I have had plenty of male patients that get pregnant when they are on testosterone replacement. If you are concerned about it, you may want to do a semen analysis while you're on the testosterone.  If it is low, then you would certainly want to start something.  If it's normal then you may want to try without taking it at all. 


Reasons You Don't Need HCG on TRT

If you are not interested in the fertility aspect of HCG and not considering getting pregnant, then HCG is not as important for you.  It does help your body maintain the testosterone abundance and production.  HCG is short-lived though, only lasting about 48 hrs.  As soon as it wears off the testes are going to start down regulating production again.  The other thing to keep in mind is when you stop testosterone, your body will start to produce FSH and LH again. 

As a result your testosterone typically does return to the previous level before you started your TRT.  This has been my experience in treating many patients on testosterone therapy.  Those that decide to stop and check their testosterone levels weeks or months later, typically return to their previous levels. 

So on the question, "Do you needs to be on HCG when on TRT?", it really depends on your goals.  If you have more questions about using HCG on TRT, ask in the comment section below.  To get a customized plan for your testosterone replacement therapy, click on the link below to get started. 


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