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Can Thyroid Disease Be Cured?

Are you wondering if your thyroid disease can be cured? Or if your thyroid problem can be fixed? Maybe you got a new diagnosis of hypothyroidism or some sort of thyroid disorder, and you're wondering what you can do.

Can it be cured? Can it be fixed naturally? Do I have to take medication? If you are asking these questions you may also be reading,  that you should not take thyroid medication.  You may be reading that, if you take thyroid medication, you'll be on it the rest of your life and you can't go back?


In this post I will help you to separate fact from fiction in terms of curing your thyroid disease.  This will help you understand when and where it is appropriate to take or not take thyroid medication.  There are three or four main scenarios where you may not actually need to take thyroid medication. Now, this is kind of a blanket statement and there's many many different scenarios to consider.  You do need to talk with your prescribing doctor and or talk with somebody that knows what they're doing with regard to your specific situation.  The four main scenarios where you may be able to cure your thyroid  can be boiled down to:

  • Your immune system
  • Nutrition
  • Other hormones
  • Toxins

If you find that some of these things are off, which we will discuss below, there's a chance that you may not need to take that medication now. Weather or not you do is going to depend on what your thyroid level is, how it changes over time, and what your symptoms are.

Some people have labs that are really far out of range and don't have symptoms.  Other people have a lot of symptoms and labs are not that far off.  So you have to kind of tread lightly here.  Don't just say, I will never take the medication, because you may need to.  


How To Cure Thyroid Disease

In our practice, we treat a lot of people with thyroid and other hormone issues, and I wanted to give you some detailed information on what scenarios are most commonly going to result in not needing to take thyroid medication.  These cases are those where labs actually suggest that you have an under active thyroid or actual frank hypothyroidism (high TSH). By the way, if you have questions about any of the content that is in this post, just ask in the comment section below.


More on TSH and Thyroid Symptoms


So can thyroid disease or thyroid disorders be cured? In my experience, they can. There's several scenarios where you can actually reverse or normalize thyroid diseases or disorders. When I'm saying cured, I mean that you don't have to take that medication, but you may have to continue to take a supplement or adhere to a dietary change.  

Autoimmune. The first scenario is when you have autoimmune hypothyroid. In autoimmune hypothyroid occurs when you have high antibodies.  In this scenario the TSH is high, but the auto antibodies like anti-TPO and anti-thyroglobulin would be elevated above the normal ranges. When you normalize those, a lot of times the need for thyroid hormone also goes down. I'm not saying reducing or resolving your auto antibodies will lead to not needing medication anymore.  In some cases, you won't.  So, how do you reduce the auto antibodies?  First we have to answer what causes those auto antibodies to be high in the first place? In search of thyroid disease cure.

To begin with, anything that can stimulate the immune system excessively or over trigger the immune system for some reason, can cause the antibodies to be higher.  These are typically food sensitivities or things coming in through the digestive tract that the immune system sees as a foreign invader.  

These things (food etc) are tagged it with an antibody.  Every time you eat that food, it's going to get triggered.  Sometimes, those antibodies have similar structure, similar affinity to the tissues in your thyroid.  As a result, when you eat that food, not only is there a local immune and digestive trigger, there is also a trigger to your thyroid.  This will reduce the amount of thyroid output.  Ultimately, the solution would be to tone down whatever that immune trigger is.  Sometimes, it's just food but sometimes it's more related to leaky gut and whatever is triggering that.  I've talked about that in other videos/ post you can check those out here.


Why Most Leaky Gut Cures Won't Work


I think this might be helpful for anybody trying to cure their thyroid or reduce their need for thyroid medication. 

Nutrients.  Number two would be any kind of nutrient deficiency related to thyroid function, specifically iodine deficiency. I have had several cases of people with low iodine that have normalized their TSH when correcting their iodine levels.  I've also had thyroid suppression by taking too much iodine.  So be careful that you're not taking too much iodine.  It's probably best to get an actual test done on your iodine.  It's usually the serum plasma iodine test to get an idea of whether or not you're lower or high on iodine. Other hormones can also affect your thyroid too.

Hormones. Number three would be high cortisol which can have a suppressive effect on the thyroid. High cortisol can cause your body to push some of your thyroid hormone into storage.  So when trying to cure your thyroid, always check cortisol. You can see this with a reverse t3 test.  Lastly, would be toxicity.

Toxins.  Too much chlorine other toxic metals can impair your thyroid, and your ability to produce thyroid hormone.  

So, those are the main things that I think about that can normalize your thyroid function.  So, in normalize and cure your thyroid disorder hypothyroidism whatever this scenario might be.

It's important though keep in mind, don't just do this blindly.  You should be testing and making sure you understand what is occurring with actual lab tests in conjunction with your symptoms. are getting better.   Once these things are normalized and you're still having under active thyroid and a lot of symptoms, it's probably in your best interest to go ahead and take the thyroid hormone.  The time frame for when you do this is gonna be different for everyone.


Hopefully, this information was helpful in helping you determine whether or not your thyroid can be cured,. If you have questions on any of the points discussed, please ask them below. If want a customized plan to help you cure your thyroid, click on the link below for a free consultation. 

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