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Andropause | Low T

Andropause also know as male menopause has a gradual onset and leads to Low T or low testosterone. The changes are so gradual that many men don't even recognize the changes that have occurred. Men going through andropause are at greater risk for other chronic health conditions. Specifically weight related health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, and GERD. In this article we will look at the physiological connection between weight and Low T. We will also explore how testosterone supplementation can help turn these weight related health conditions around. 


Weight and low testosterone

Weight loss can be a chanllenge for anyone. With low T, this challenge can seem impossible andropausebecasue testosterone helps maintain and build muscle mass. When testosterone is deficient a snowball effect occurs...... decreased muscle and increased fat.

As men age there is a gradual decrease in testosterone. This decline leads to a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in fat..... bad news for your metabolism.  You see, muscle plays a big role in metabolism and the more muscle you have the better your metabolism will be. With Low T there is a gradual decline in metabolism and more and more weight gain. The additional fat and lowered metabolism can create problems with balancing blood sugar and lipids too.  As fat increases around the abdomen testosterone levels will fall further as will energy and glucose control. This downward cycle of testosterone is know as andropause or Low T.  Many times men struggle trying to turn these health conditions around using diets and medications not knowing they may have Low T. 

Most of the health conditions related to Low T are a result of poor metabolism and weight gain. Conditions like metabolic syndrome, elevated lipids, type 2 diabetes, prediabtes, obesity, and high blood pressure are the most notable. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that causes cardiovascular complications but related to poor glucose control similar to diabetes or prediabetes. However, many times (but not all) the central problem in both is excess weight. Improving metabolism and thereby decreasing excess fat is where testosterone can help.


Treating andropause with testosteone

Supplementation with testosterone can turn this cycle of andropause. As testosterone levels return to normal levels men become more energetic and active. Often times the previous efforts in the gym go much further leading to muscle building and fat loss. With additional muscle mass, more calories are burned at rest thus increasing metabolic rate. The increased metabolic rate will reduce weight further given the right circumstances.

What are those circumstances? Well you do have to actually try to loose fat and increase muscle mass. Simply supplementing with testosterone will help improve your blood sugar and lipids. it will also help slow the decline in muscle mass attributed to age. However if you workout properly and eat the right diet you can amplify this effect and get some truly amazing results. The bottom line is by balancing hormones, men can increased metabolic rate making weight loss easier and gaining muscle mass faster.


Treating andropause without testosreone

If you are someone that is not interested in hormone replacement therapy but your testosterone levels are low, you have a few options too. First and most important loosing any central adipose tissue (fat around your abdomen). This fat actually acts like a hormone producing glans creating small amounts of a weak estrogen. This estrogen decreases the available testosterone (free testosterone) for your cells to use. By lowering the adipose tissue you increase the free testosterone. Resistance exercise will actually increase the amount of testosterone your body produces. Getting to the gym for about 30min 2-3 days a week will help increase your testosterone levels. For more tips on testosterone deficiency, click on the link.  

Hopefully you better understand the health benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men with andropause and metabolic conditions. For more information on Andropause and Low T, click oin the link below for a free consultation. 


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