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Pain Management Through Acupuncture: Better Than Pharmaceuticals?

No-one likes side effects. The idea that you can only fix one health problem by causing others doesn't appeal to me as a patient, and as a medical professional I think that approach is completely counter-productive.

Why would I want to use treatments that cause my patients new health problems when my goal—and theirs—is to achieve true overall health?

This is a key factor in my decision to offer different and naturopathic pain management options. Western medicine, pain management almost exclusively use pharmaceutical interventions. Prescription painkillers like Vicodin, Oxycontin, and others can quickly become addictive and carry a significant risk of overdose. They woman needing neck pain relief
also cause side effects such as constipation, drowsiness and impaired judgement, vomiting, shallow breathing, and more.

As a naturopathic doctor, we offer pharmecuticals but stear patients to other pain management techniques that don't produce these side effects. They are frequently far more effective in controlling and even eliminating pain. For instance, many of my patients who undergo acupuncture in combination with physical therapy are able to completely stop taking painkillers—they get to live pain free and truly healthy lives without the cost or the physical toll of pharmaceutical pain prescriptions.


Acupuncture is a Non-Addictive, Side Effect-Free Path Away From Pain

Pharmaceutical painkillers work by inhibiting your body's natural balance, interrupting the nervous system and often affecting brain and body chemistry so you don't experience pain. However, they do nothing to address the source of the pain, they simply stop your body from reporting and acknowledging that the pain is there. Over time, these painkillers can become less effective as your body tries to regain balance and normal function. This means you need more pain medication to have the same effect on your pain.

Acupuncture, especially when used in conjunction with physical therapy, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and other techniques, relieves pain by restoring balance rather than creating an imbalance. Acupuncture works to "reset" and "rebuild" the nervous and musculoskelatal tissues to actually fix the problem rather than masking the pain with drugs.

The naturopathic approach recognizes pain as a signal that something else is wrong. The key is finding out why the signal is there. Most acute pain (from an injury, for example) has and obvious and acupuncture treatment can speed up the tissue restoration process. Chronic pain, on the other hand, can have multiple sources that all need to be addressed to restore healthy tissue.  Because acupuncture works on so many levels it can help in chronic pain too, resetting the nervous system and reducing musculoskeletal inflammation quickly.

By helping your body's energy and signaling system flow more effectively and with  balance, naturopathic pain management brings your whole body back to health.

Compared to pharmaceuticals, acupuncture is completely non-addictive and carries virtually no risk of side effects when properly performed (no treatment is 100% risk-free). Those suffering from chronic pain often report going for long periods without pain after a single acupuncture treatment, and many of my patients suffering from both chronic and acute (temporary) pain have had their pain entirely eliminated—permanently—without needing to take any painkillers at all.


Living Pain Free Without Pharmaceuticals

Your pain is unique, and deserves more than the one-dose-fits-all solution you'll get from the Western-only medical perspective. To begin exploring lasting, healthy solutions to managing and even eliminating your chronic or acute pain, please schedule a consultation today.

You deserve to live without pain, and without the damage and dependency caused by painkillers. Don't wait any longer—contact our office today!

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